Thursday, April 2, 2009


On August 8th 2007 I wrote my first blog post "Holy Isht Batman I'm in Alaska" now over a year and half later I'm writing my 400th post. On that day I wrote:

"I just set up this blog so keep checking in or subscribe or whatever so you can see my spiral towards bearded hermit freakout."

Truer words could not have been said. A bearded hermit freakout indeed.

This blog has featured many evolutionary adaptations.

Of course there has been Poetry and song lyrics.
Yes I know
Thank God for KEXP

Untitled #1
Where Did I Go (song)
The Next Big Show (song)
I Need Life (song)
That Would Be Impossible (song)
Can You Please Tell Me (song/freestyle)
Mostly Freely
Untitled #2
The Bill (song)
Butterscotch Morsels
In the Flow
Run To Make a Difference (Poem/Song)
Loosen This Load A Little
We Sigh Along
Its You Who Waits
Electrified Virtues
We Shall Overcome (song)
Don't Cry For a Ramblin' Man (song)
Undertow (song)
Into the Wild
Its Been a Long Time (song)
Souls Will Find a Release
Awkwardly Simple
Salty Symphony
A Feeling Out Loud
Standin Still
Grids And Gods
Love Overgrown
Christmas Eve
Its What You Been Made For

I can't believe how much music and poetry I have been able to share on this blog!

There have been "Readers Choice Topics"
Reader's Choice #1: Cheese
Reader's Choice #2: Gnomes, Triceratops and Kevin Costner
Reader's Choice #3a: The Neverending Story
Reader's Choice #3b: Subaru Story
Reader's Choice #4: Bowl Cuts
Reader's Choice #5: Aberchrombie and Fitch
Reader's Choice #6: Trustafarians
Reader's Choice #7: The Drive to WSU

Hopefully these were as fun to read as they were to write.

There have been moments of great comedy and joy
Fig Newton's Law
Fridaysia and Ogres
Grand Awesomus (my invented holiday)
Why University of Washington Sucks SO MUCH!!!
Wild Mekoryuk Saturday Night
Overalls Friday
I'm a Nerd/Alaskan Dress Code
Iversonius Great White Wizard of the North
An Arctic Home Supplement: The News From Nunivak Island "Spring Mud Love"
An Arctic Home Supplement: The News From Nunivak Island "The Fear Of Falling Through"
Spring Weather The Upside Downside
An Arctic Home Supplement: The News From Nunivak Island "Let's Get Real"
Sasquatch Band Review!
Fishing With Dirk
Nuniwaarmiut School Student Art Show 2008.

Summer 2008 PART 1
Summer 2008 PART 2
Summer 2008 PART 3

A Short Story: Cabernet Play-Doe Spectacular
Darwin's Birthday Breakdown
My Trip To Anchorage
Not a TheraFlu Drinking Cranky Pants McGee Anymore
Random Shit "Teacher Kale Vs. Free Kale"
Taxi Cab Confessions: Bethel

And sometimes there were moments when the planets aligned and I simply wrote from the heart with no idea of where it would go and something amazing happened. Like a 19 minute jam in a live version of "Wild Eyes" I just hit a cosmic moment in introspection and reflection.

Here Are some of my favorite and most important posts:
Radiate Warmth
Random List of Pointless Things
Comments on Education "Things Not Looking So Good Indeed"
Sunday Morning Sunrise (amazing photos)
Glimpses of Light
Rhythms of the Heart
Awaken The Goodness Inside
RadWarm101: A Toolkit for Loneliness
Boom! Zap! Splat!
Che Guevara and Massu Iverson
Desolation Angel "Desolation Alaska"
Notes on a Generation of Weaklings and My first free summer in a decade
Stayers and Goers
Grassroots Iverson
Snow Day and Free Thoughts "Wavelengths and Frequency"
Oops, False Start Monday "improvisational teaching"
Freedom and Being Free

Also We have witnessed the evolution of the "Weekend Updates"

The Weekend Update Index:
The First Old Person Phrase of the Week
The First Actual Weekend Update
The Second Weekend Update
The Third Weekend Update
The Fourth Weekend Update
The First Weather Update
The Fifth Weekend Update
The Sixth Weekend Update (with new art progress feature)
The Seventh Weekend Update or "Weekly Information"
The Eighth Weekend Update or "Weekly Update and Info"
The Ninth Weekend Update "My Birthday"
The Tenth Weekend Update
The Eleventh Weekend Update (w/ Weblink and Book of the Week)
The Twelfth Weekend Update
The Thirteenth Weekend Update
The Fourteenth Weekend Update (with the first lastly but leastly/final thoughts)
The Fifteenth Weekend Update
The Sixteenth Weekend Update
The Seventeenth Weekend Update "My Brother's Birthday"
The Coffee Shop Update
The Eighteenth Weekend Update
The Nineteenth Weekend Update
The Twentieth Weekend Update
The Twenty First Weekend Update
The Twenty Second Weekend Update
The Extra Umph Humpday Updatacular
Humpday Umptacualar Updaterific Update
The Twenty Third Weekend Update
The Twenty Fourth Weekend Update
The Twenty Fifth Weekend Update
Thursday From Hell Update
The Twenty Sixth Weekend Update
The Twenty Seventh Weekend Update
The Twenty Eighth Weekend Update
THE Twenty Ninth Weekend Update "THE LAST ONE OF THE YEAR" (with summary)
The Thirtieth Weekend Update
The Fortieth Weekend Update
The Forty First Weekend Update
The Forty Second Weekend Update
The Forty Third Weekend Update
The Forty Fourth Weekend Update
The Forty Fifth Weeked Update
The Forty Sixth Weekend Update
The Forty Seventh Weekend Update
The Forty Eighth Weekend Update
The Forty Ninth Weekend Update
The Fiftieth Weekend Update (Cougs win the Apple Cup Edition)
The Fifty First Weekend Update
The Fifty Second Weekend Update (Christmas #1)
The Fifty Third Weekend Update (Hal Graduates College)
The Fifty Fourth Weekend Update
The Fifty Fifth Weekend Update
The Fifty Sixth Weekend Update
The Fifty Seventh Weekend Update (Monday Update)
The Fifty Eighth Weekend Update (Early Edition)
The Fifty Ninth Weekend Update
The Sixtieth Weekend Update (LITE)
The Sixty First Weekend Update
The Sixty Second Weekend Update
The Sixty Third Weekend Update
The Sixty Fourth Weekend Update

Please enjoy this index of all the best Radiate Warmth has provided over the last 400 posts!


Susan Iverson said...

Wow! What a great chronicle of your adventures in Alaska. I know you want to just get home now but this will help you to remember this time of your life. It is also such a great record of songs and poetry. You should compile them all for publication.

suzyeQzee said...

totally awesome post! it was nice to get to read some of your people's choice ones that i never read before because i wasn't reading blogs so much then. trustas, man, bad news..

Erin said...

Hey Kale! My goodness. I bet this post took me almost as long for me to get through as it did for you to make. I remember reading my first post from Radiate Warmth. I was curious about this young many from Washington whom I had already heard so much about...and you had only been here for a few months at that point.

I really hope that your blog continues as you move onto the next chapter in your life.

The weekend updates were amazing to go back through. It was so great to see the evolution of the weekend update. I've come to enjoy them quite a bit!

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