Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Update

Well I seemed to have weathered the storm inside of me. I woke up today, albeit weak, with clear sinus', a good tummy and overall feeling a little better (75% as of now). I think yesterday my body just decided to heat up and throw up and get up and out of me whatever it needed to do. I felt a lot better today, even though I was kinda weakly today (especially in PE I ran out of gas so fast!).

So I'm very very sorry that the update was 24 hours late, although somehow I feel like you all will understand.

Musical Artist of the Week: When I sold my first magazines in the school fundraiser at Harbor Ridge Middle School circa 1996 ish I earned enough "points" and was rewarded with one cassette tape (HAHHAHAHAH how lame is that!!!!!) I could pick from various bands that they had available (which mostly sucked) but after careful deliberation I settled on this weeks featured artist.

THE SPIN DOCTORS and their 1991 release "Pocket Full of Kryptonite." Some lyrics surfaced in my brain last week and reminded me of their song "Little miss, little miss, little miss can't be wrong,"a big-ish single off this album. A rush of sounds and memories came flooding in from listening to them in my room on my boombox with Marc Johnson. Then It dawned on me that during the height of the emerging grunge phenomenon which produced bands like Green Day, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, and Smashing Pumpkins one little band was wearing wool hats, playing funky riffs and generally dancing around happily making catchy little grunge ditties that apparently I liked enough to select on cassette. So I did the unthinkable, I went on iTunes and purchased this piece of nostalgic gold. Turns out the band had loads of Heroin problems (who didn't in early 90's music though?) and a pocket full of kryptonite probably was a little bit more sinister than it sounded as a kid. It also turns out that the band is actually pretty good, good in a Flowmotion crossed with the Presidents of The United States of America way, and good enough for me to make dinner to them (a high honor in my life, the making dinner album is very sacred). It also makes sense that I'm listening to the Spin Doctors instead of seeking the care of a real physician, hey, thats me though.

Old Person Phrase of the Week:
"Jumpin' Jahosaphat" ahahahahahahahaahaha. Just say it out loud. Right now, don't be afraid, go all Sammity Sam in your cubicle or desk and just say it with feeeeeeling, I promise you will laugh real hard.

Nunivak Weather: We are totally getting late March-ish snow hand over fist. Everyday I wake up and can't believe how much more snow we have. Deep fluffy snow is making early morning plowers a constant part of my life, it also makes for exciting Indiana Jones style wreckless snow drift truck jumping driving out to the airport. Its warmed up a bit, 24 deg F today, down right tropical.

Art Update: Friday Night I finalized and recorded two songs. The first was a new one called "Anymore" and it is a nice little ditty about certain things that life throws your way. The second one was rerecording of an older song from this year called "Little Life." They both turned out pretty good even with a nasally voice. I'm gonna post them to my music page this week and I'll let you all know when that happens. A peculiar thing too, I opted in to the Independent Artist Company cash stream. For a one time 8 dollar fee, I now get paid a fraction of a cent for every time someone listens to my music online. I've already earned about 9 dollars and this month already has double the listens, so everytime you listen to my tunes on my music page I get a tiny little nugget of commercial retribution. I can officially say I am a paid (albeit nominally) musician! Yeah Baby. In case you forgot here it is.

Kale's Music Page click HERE

Featured Blog of the Week: I didn't ask this person if they wanted the sudden flood of readership that comes with a prestigious Radiate Warmth shout out (yeah right, like I have any sway in the world), but her blog Queen Larbs of Strumpet Valley is so goddamn funny that if you ever wanted to have a great laugh at an awesome woman's fantastic insights on the world you should check it out. I read it promptly after a new post pops up on my blog roll and it always makes me smile. Thanks for your amazing thoughts you wonderful Greek badass, your sense of humor is great and you continually make me jealous of you for living the dream in San Fran.

Lastly but not Leastly:
My brother made it to the UK safe and sound and happy, big relief off my mind. His first day of class was today, GO HAL!!!!!!!

Additionally, I am breathing out of both nostrils simultaneously at this very moment. Its a miracle, sweet baby jesus.

Being sick in bush alaska has not only been lame and annoying but also rather scary. I was so ill yesterday that I was immobile and I thought even if I wanted to get help for my dying carcass I was a long walk to the not open clinic and also a one and a half hour bush plane ride away from competent health care (our aides are nice and slightly trained but they do most of their assessment by phone with a doctor, that is if they're even open, which they're not on sundays). This island is really far away (the clinic in Toksook is good though). This whole sick experience has been really eye opening. I generally consider myself the pillar of health, during the summer months I abuse my body constantly camping and going to festivals and having a good ol time and I never seem to ever feel a twinge of ill effects. But this 3 and a half week battle with the demon inside of em has really made me appreciate how great it is to be healthy. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE BACK...SO CLOSE! I weighed myself after Christmas 170 lbs. Now I'm down to 155 lbs. Holy crap! I lost 15 lbs in a month from sickness (and lack of groceries).

Mega lastly, my hair is growing out a bit and I'm totally working on the beginnings of a wicked sweet comb-over. And by comb over I mean like a little kids hair cut, side part to the right, basically with the scraggly beard I look like a gold miner/prospector that just came out of the hills, got a bath and a trim, and is ready to go to the saloon with his new gold nugget money and play cards. In other words, I'm going for the malnourished prospector look in 2009. Its the hot look I'm telling you.

Have a good week peeps!

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Hal Iverson said...

holy schnikies kale! I checked out the spindoctors myspace page and listened to some of the songs. "Biscuit head" is a dope song! Nice choice here. Also, I do believe that I told you, some time ago, that I was going to bring back the "little boys haircut" with a part on the side. Give credit where credit is due you bastard! haha. Although you do have the beard to take it to the coal miner level!

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