Monday, February 18, 2008

Awaken the Goodness Inside

Well, as more days pass in the city, the more I realize I'm not a city person. Hotels, taxis, restaurants, people. I don't know if this city life is for me.

Now on to bigger things. I have been toying around with energy blasting since I got here (What? you're losing your mind. no, just hear me out). Its something I like to do when I'm in the city. You walk by hundreds of people all the time not noticing each other. I like to close my eyes while they are walking towards me and imagine a glowing orb or sphere of yellow or gold light blast out of me through to them. I do it to people before we pass, then as we pass I simply smile and see if anything out of the ordinary happens. Like, is it possible I can make people smile from a distance with my energy blasting? So today I saw a homeless (or downtrodden) looking old bearded dude across the street slumping and hobbling along. I closed my eyes and envisioned the yellow circular beam of light radiate out of me across the street and scan across him. Then I opened my eyes, smiled across the Avenue at him, and he stopped in his steps and gave me a slow, crippled fingered, peace sign. I stopped and raised my hand and returned the sign. Then we smiled at each other and went on our way.

WHOA! It totally worked! I think I blasted him. Or I got him, or two weary peace warriors in a battlefield of carnage, and industry and commercialism were passing and without a word we both acknowledge our comrade with some sort of ancient salute of peace. I couldn't believe it! He initiated it but I visualized sending him some energy. I'm not going crazy because I was half playing around, but then it totally happened!

Are we capable of more? Are we capable of changing peoples attitudes, days, perspectives, or paths for the better by simply blasting our surroundings with our love, warmth, light and energy?

If you dare, if you dare to try something out of the ordinary, out of the blue, out of the norm, out of the status quo, try to do it. It doesn't have to be a yellow orb or a sphere, it can be a beam, or a strand, or a wave, or hug or anything you can dream up but try to close your eyes and visualize sending strangers love and hope and energy when you have some to spare. You don't have to tell your spouse, or your kids, or your colleagues, or your friends, it can be a secret try, but please just try it. Stop, close your eyes and sigh out all the love you have in your heart so that it crosses over people around you. Then calmly open your eyes and see if anyone responds. If you want to anonymously post what happens here then we can all see if Radiating Warmth is real.

The special education conference is pretty amazing too. People are gathering from across the state to take part in the cutting edge of conceptual education for those with special needs. Since their disabilities extend along spectrums is it not possible that if these spectrums were stretched and carried out far enough we would all have learning disabilities, challenges, disorders, difficulties, handicaps? When I listen to people talking about new ways of helping with autistic children what I'm really hearing is new ways to help everyone. We are all autistic in our own ways.

I just can't stop feeling like something important is happening. I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I listen to everyone I meet so closely because every person I talk to has a specific message that is meant for me to absorb and share and hopefully I am delivering exactly the message that they need to hear at that time. Its so exciting to be alive right now.

We are coming out of a cacoon of stagnant waters. Things are changing, fast. People are waking. The world is responding. Humans are causing change on a global level. If only we could all harness our energy toward a common positive meaning our possibilities are limitless! I think that the way we are finding that special needs people are responding to instructional methods may lead the salvation for how everyone can heal, and grow and recreate, and nurture the next step for ourselves.

I think things are changing on a bigger level than religion. Its bigger than politics. Its bigger than economics or psychology. Things are changing on a genetic, fundamental level for humanity. Things are changing on a spiritually evolving trancendence.

We can do it! C'mon everybody share the love. Don't give up. Don't be a grouch. See how much good you can do! We can do it, don't you believe me? Don't you see that you, or we, or me, or us, or everyone has the power to effect massive change through tiny actions? Its just little things, but it takes practice, all day long you have to practice making every situation positive. Every moment a sharing of messages. Every action can be done as a gift. If I can write this, and you can read it, then you can give a hug, and you can open a door, and you can give a smile, and you can ask a sad person how they are doing, and you can blast energy on people as you walk along, and you can teach people to be better, and you can love your enemies, and you can take a breath, and you can forgive your parents, and you can forgive your children, and you can love your people, and we all can do better at these things, it just takes practice, not a religious practice, or a civil practice, or a physical practice, but an internal practice that comes from your goodness awakening inside of you, your soul saying I DON'T WANT TO CRY ANYMORE, I will be happy, NO I am happy, and I can help others, EVERYDAY. You can do it, don't wait, start today. Start listening, start feeling, start using your life. You don't have to be a nun, or a governer, or doctor, or a fitness guru, you just have to be you, but you have to be positive.

I'm sorry I sound like a madman, but if you're feeling me let me know because I just kind of refuse to keep all of this to myself. If you are reading this right now, you need to ask yourself, why am I reading this? At this moment, of this day, right now? What made me log on? What made me go here? Is there a reason? Then you should ask yourself, what should I say back? What should I do? Should I try it? Should I say Kale you're nuts? Should I forget it? Should I share? Should I live? I'm not perfect, I have bad days too, but you can't give up, you got to keep trying. Let me know readers what you think? This is a big moment for Radiate Warmth.

Let's GO!,


Hal said...

Wow kale, the actual physical/mental practice of radiating warmth! Im impressed. I like where you are going with this! keep it up, keep inspiring others to radiate warmth, you make the world a better place. I may try to radiate warmth on my way to class tomorrow! I think it will be a clear, donnie darko-like orb. I love you bro!

alisha said...

Energy blasting, eh? Well, you are able to radiate warmth through the blog pretty effectively because reading it always makes me smile. And I must not be the only one that feels that way based on how many readers you have. You dont think that that guy throwing you a piece sign had anything to do with bearded botherhood?

I got my first international dot today. I'm so proud! :)

Even if you're not a big city person, I hope that you are enjoying Skankorage as much as possible. Skankorage? Where'd that come from anyway? I'm glad to hear that your conference has been a good experience. Too often they are not.

Will you be stopping in Bethel for any amount of time on your way back to your castle by the sea?

alisha said...

Oh, and I added a disclaimer to my most recent blog post based on the comment you left. Unfortunately I cannot take credit for that crocus pic.

Kayleen said...

I forgot what I had to do after I was done with THAT research.

Anonymous said...

If you can see it, then you can touch it. And if you can touch it, then you can catch it.

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