Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Update

So its that time already where I tell you about another great band, some old school sayings, what I'm doing artistically and physically and some last thoughts on this week in life. Are you up to it? I am.

Musical Artists of the Week: This last week I've been into a sort tandem of female powered tunes. I've been in constant rotation between Tegan and Sara and another girl led band Cat Power. Luckily I'm comfortable enough in the fact I, in fact, am a massive music snob. So if I like something there is a good chance that it is, in fact, very good, thats one of the benefits of being a self absorbed bastard (have you noticed?).

When I saw Tegan and Sara this summer at Sasquatch Music Festival had to admit that I thought they were pretty good (although not admit it too loudly because I was ashamed at the time of my tapping foot), I wasn't in the Tegan and Sara mood particularly at that moment, It was summer, it was nice out, I was overjoyed. They don't really radiate happiness, rather, a constant sort of driving sound steeped in vocal harmony and layering that has a very Northwest emotional vibe. Maybe I just had to wait till the heart of a lonely January in the arctic to really get it, but get it I have. And I do say sirs and madams, they are good. I recommend their 2007 release The Con but all of their albums are heavy doses of double similar female vocal goodness.

Cat power has been a really nice pairing for Tegan and Sara this week because she also really likes to play with harmony and voice layering (as well as just simply sounding beautiful). Her 2003 album You Are Free has been a constantly soothing force in my recovery to health this week. Its just its own flavor.

So there, I'm not ashamed, I like them, so what. I can go from Steve Miller Band, to Hector Lavoe Salsa King, to Tegan and Sara in 3 weeks, because, like I said, your musical tastes are only limited by your imagination, given the right day and time you can identify with almost anything (well not Creed, or Lifehouse, or Incubus or Linkin Park or Maroon 5, those bands will always be crap till the end of time) but within reason people.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Sam Hell" Like what in the sam hell is up with this cold I have? Its a soar throat, its a chest thing, its a sinus thing, its a friggin super cold, just when I get one facet taken care of it presents a new challenge.

Personal Art Update: I wrote a song this weekend. Its still rough, but its the first one of 2009 which is exciting. I'll record and post it when I complete it. I'm finding that if I time it out I can do over 45 minutes of music from memory. This is extremely exciting to me because this means that I could possibly do a "show" or at least open for someone. I don't want to be famous but it would be so cool to just play my music on stage for people and if they actually liked it!

Physical Fitness Update: I cancelled Yoga again last week. After a whole day of teaching, Physical Ed class, and a nasty lil cold, I just didn't have the strength to do it after school. Although we did do "Power to the Peaceful" Yoga on Monday in PE last week and most of the kids liked it so maybe a repeat? PE class is going good too, stretching and physical training circuit. I'm just constantly baffled by this multi-dimensional strain of cold I have picked up. I actually yearn for the days when I wasn't constantly head groggy from medications and I could run around in the snow and not offer up a neon green gift to the snow gods.

Lastly But Not Leastly:
I would like to give a shout out to two new blogs that have been gracing my life lately. The Blah Blah Blah blog by my friend Randy is making me piss myself with laughter on frequent basis. And The Traveling Halbury by my brother Hal should prove to be a super cool blog as he starts on his journey to England to student teach PE on a Department of Defense Base. I just want to wish them both luck on their blogging adventure.

So how much did I get done from my weekend goals. I Laid off the Vicks Vapo Rub, thanks to the early morning snow plow I didn't get as much sleep as I had hoped, I did drink 6 apple juices though, I did write a new song, I did Play some Tiger Woods golf on XBox and now my character looks like a fat african american janitor (he's a bad ass), I still haven't planned out my week of class (bleh), my house is actually dirtier instead of cleaner, I just wrote the weekend update now, I haven't waxed my mustache yet, but I did watch a deadly viscious fight last night for the welterweight belt (Berto vs. Collazo) and what a mother! Tonight I can't wait to watch the season premiere of "Big Love" on Sunday on Showtime (Followed by season opener of Flight of the Conchords yay!), I need to order groceries still as I'm officially running out of food, and if I can get enough stuff done today I'll go home and bake a batch of cookies to David Bowie and call my brother.

How did your weekends go out there in the world? Any good music lately? Let me know. Peace friends.


Erin said...

Wow. Great musical artists of the week. Two of my favorites! Brian also has some lovely things to say about Chan Marshall.

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Thanks for the update!

Corinna said...

I am borderline obsessed with Tegan and Sara. The Con was a staple of my life for at least 6 consecutive months 24/7.

Cat Power - incredible. The Greatest and Wild is the Wind are soooo good. She did a cover of a Cat Stevens song - How Can I Tell You - and it's fucking unbelievable and it's not on any of her records. I'm still trying to find it. You should youtube it as it was on a diamond commercial for debiers or something.

serialstar said...

yay too tegan and sara! Cat Power is always kind of gets me....

serialstar said...

oh and just as a note to you...if you get a chance check out:
there are some pretty great music suggestions on there that you may or may not have heard...

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