Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Update

I survived the NYO trip to Toksook Bay Meet this weekend with a nearly thrown out back, a sore throat, and a severe need to get some time alone in today. Some of the kids did really well placing in multiple events and showing class and sportsmanship too. We had some draw backs too. My kids were pretty snobby from the on set, this place is too dim, this place is dirty, the food tastes weird, when can we go to the store, waaaaaaaaa. Then there were a couple other incidents that pretty much sealed the deal on me never going on one of these things ever again. Overall I really could have done with out the whole weekend, at this point I just want the next 5 weeks to go as quickly as possible.

Musical Artist of the Week: When I saw them this summer at Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge in George for the second time in my life I was left with the impression that no other live musical act ever has a chance of coming close to holding a candle to the ridiculous spectacle they put on, with spaceships and lead Singer Wayne Coyne crowd surfing in a giant bubble, and a dancing aliens, and confetti, and naked dancing girls, and crazy crazy lights and laserbeams and overall insanity. So last week needing some sort of spiritual revival, some sort of deep soulful grace in fact, I went back to my past and bought an album I used to own that used to mean so much to me and I reintroduced it into my life.

The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" will go down as one of the greatest albums of all time. After a 3 year hiatus from listening to this album I almost openly wept as I listened to the songs again as if for the first time. Each song unfolds into a robot psychedelic space twinkle symphony and each lyric teeters on the edge of biblically epic and completely pointless in either case leaving you spell bound. I do this periodically in my life, I suspend a band. I put them on restriction for a period of time just so I can try later down the road to somehow match the magic I felt the first time I heard them, and this case I was close.

Old Person Phrase Of the Week: I heard a boxing analyst say this while I was watching the Roy Jones Jr. vs. Joe Calzaghe fight on repeat last night, "Make hay while the sun is shining." He meant it in the fact that as long as someone is giving you and opportunity (to knock em out) you have make haste and take it. In your case, just make sure you enjoy the good fortunes life has granted you !

Weather on Nunivak: Cold and shitty. Snow is falling, fog is forming, temp is dropping, wind is blowing, its dark, and when I get up my bones hurt like an elderly inpatient.

Fitness Update: I may be getting sick, although I refuse to believe that since our school would actually have to close if I were sick this week (two teachers are out of town our principal isn't back yet and an aid will be gone on weds). I have pretty much thrown my back out somehow from sleeping on the floor and playing basketball this weekend. I hope yoga tomorrow night will put me back together somehow, but I'm falling apart it seems.

Lack of Political Update: that the election is over, what major US political issue will I feel culturally disconnected from next? Gay Marriage, the War in Iraq, the Economy? eenie meenie minee mo, catch a western cultural issue by the toe, out here we can't here the lower 48 holler so my interests must be let go, eenie meenie miney mo...

Art Update: I tried to write a song last week...but got side tracked on...well...everything. Maybe tonight I'll try again if my back is feeling better. I do apologize for never getting "Standin Still" uploaded, our internet is complete shat for upload capabilities lately but in the IAC music player at the top of my side bar it is the 6th song down if you want to listen to it.

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Boob Tube Digs: Thats right, this year on the tundra I have TV, scoff if you will, but with no internet at home I need some glowing orb to suck my brain (I'm sorry Michael Franti if can't "Let go of remote control.") So here is what I have been absolutely loving on the old Television lately:

Showtime and HBO boxing/Mixed Martial Arts: oh the drama, oh the competition, oh the amazing battles and fighters leaving it all out there on the canvas doing what they love, we should all be so lucky. Violence sucks, but boxing is the first great sport.
HBO series: True Blood Vampires coming "out of the closet" or coffin if you will in present day deep south mixed with telepathy, shape shifting and acid tripping on Vampire Blood makes for pretty much the most entertaining show on television right now.
HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher: Most people can't stand this guy, but he always has awesome panel members, his show finale "New Rules" is about as heavy weight hard hitting as anything being said on television, and I usually laugh my ass off, thanks Bill for standing up for American atheism too.
Ricky Gervais Stand Up on HBO or Showtime or something. The original creator of the British 'The Office' is deadly inappropriate and equally funny in his stand up/mocklecture. Beware, it is extremely offensive and lude, but I almost wet my self from laughter.

Yes, not only do I watch tv I watch "special channel" tv. I'm not a saint, I'm a very bored person living out in the middle of nowhere and you would too.

Lastly But Not Leastly: I officially have 27 days till my 26th birthday and 36 days till I'll be home for Christmas. We have 23 days actually in school till break. Basically I'm already home in my mind. I can see the people, I can smell the food, I can taste the egg nog. Only one thing stands in my way...the arctic weather. I will be home, I will beg, barrow, cheat, steal and lie to get home. Hell, I'll hijack a walrus and surf the son of a bitch if I have too. And with that mental image, I'd like you all to have a wonderful week...I know I will...

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Erin said...

I was talking to one of my new jury duty friends the other day and we were discussing what TV shows we really liked. He told me that he enjoyed watching Bill Maher and then asked if I was familiar with him. I said, "Yeah, isn't he that guy on PBS?" Oops...HBO,'s all the same.

My dad used to always say, "We're burnin' daylight" if we were working too slow or slow to start our chores or something. Have you ever heard that old person phrase?

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