Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's You Who Waits

You’re gonna have to. How long?
It means me. How many?
So come back later. Sure enough.
It’s composted. It’s true.
It clings to me. A mirror show.
Break the needle off to pin it on me.
It’s you, It’s you, It’s you who waits.
The beginning kills me all night long.
Your proud heaving heaven,
I don’t have any.
Don’t speak upon it. We’re on fire.
It’s you, It’s you, It’s who waits.
It’s your way, It’s you.
Yes, explain the process of letting go.
You love me you say.
I’ve already gone on a trip today,
Totally afflicted.
I need to sit down.
Blue stars, autumn leaves,
Our stars swept the beginning.
It’ you, It’s you, Yes It’s you who waits.

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positivelystephie said...

did you know flowmotion is playing high sierra! and so is my other fav railroad earth! darn it!!! i am not going.. i am not going... i am not going.. tie me up and take me.. no no.. i am not going!! then why in the world am i looking at the line up! i knew it would be awesome!!!

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