Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekly Update April 6

Well its been a very humorous and lazy weekend, as well as interesting. I have some great warmth to radiate your way today.

Musical Artist of the Week: Eddie Vedder "Into The Wild" soundtrack. I know I babble a lot of nonsense, but hear me now if you hear me ever, this album is a necessary addition to your life. Eddie Vedder of Washington's own Pearl Jam crafts a one of a kind experience as distinctive as the incredible movie itself. I haven't listened to anything else for four days straight. There are some great songs about things going on today that we all should be aware of. "Society" and if you buy the whole album you can get some live tracks of "No More (war)" and "Here's to the State." I have officially added Eddie Vedder to a prestegeous list in my mindof musicians and artists I believe are singing about things that I believe in my heart. Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti, Jon Butler Trio, Flowmotion, and Eddie Vedder, damn thats a fine list of individuals.

Old Person Phrase of the Week:
This one is short and simple, one word in fact, "Pal." You see "pal" is supposed to be a nice word. "We were just pallin' around" "We're pals" but if you say it directly and sternly, "Look PAL" then it can be a major tour de force of authority. Either way, old people have pals, and I wish I had more myself.

Weather on Nunivak: Well, the dang pressure is droppin again, temps are up to a balmy 21 deg F and the snow is back, will winter never end? That bastard Jack Frost tempted me with melting snow and sunshine, but took it away like the heartless villain he is. Needless to say its blustery outside and cold, yet still light out till 10:15. Ridiculous.

Weblink of the Week: I can't begin to explain this. (Thanks Carey) You'll have to check it out for yourself and make your own decisions. I'm researching it right now and its actually very interesting and Its pretty cool so far though. The Law Of Time Website.

ART UPDATE: NEW PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!! CALLING ALL POETS, ARTISTS, SONG WRITERS, EVERYDAY PEOPLE. I got this idea after turning my friend Katie's poem "Content" into a song (with her permission). I thought how cool would it be to make a whole album of other peoples poems with their collaboration and input. So basically, if you want to participate, anyone (this means you) can send me your poetry, short stories, thoughts, ramblings, song lyrics, or anything (even just a phrase) and I'll try and turn it into a song and then we'll work together through the various technological channels to get it just right. Maybe if we ever did make any money off of it we could donate it to a common charity or something. Thats not the point, the point is Radiate Warmth in action. You and me, mixing your thoughts and mine into something we all can share. What do you think? Don't be afraid, just post you poem on the blog, or email me in person: and we'll get started. I don't care how many entries come in, it could be a small album, a double disc or a series! But lets do it. Let me know what you think!!!!!!

ClustRMap Update: Our community grows. 20-49 visitors a day and 1538 since Feb. 9, 2008. I say community because everyone is starting to connect through new pathways of this blog and all the other that we all read together. You can read like minded blogs by clicking on commentor profiles, links, blogs and working your way around the net through connected people. Way to go everybody. Lets build a revolution of positivity!

BIG UPS: This weeks big ups is a community BIG UPS. I'm throwing this one out to all you readers who are putting in so much love and energy into making connections with people, sharing your intelligent and important insights of life, and spreading so much good throughout the world. I'm so thankful to be part of an online community of bloggers and readers that share a common vision of good thoughts and hopes for better things. I love you guys and girls! Do you know how to big ups your self? You say "Big Ups ________(your name)...Mad Respect" then its done.

Blog Features update: After a week of blasting your earholes with my own music for the exciting launch of my Independent Artist Company Music Website, I'm going to make that player optional. I will put the auto start back on the music player below so that you can enjoy a range of artists radiating warmth other than my nasally, untrained self. Make sure to enjoy the Eddie Vedder Tracks this week. And if you want to check out the music page (please do) then go ahead and link to it HERE or through the player or the link to the right.

Last Thoughts:
Tonight I talked to my grandparents on skype video conferencing. It was a surreal experience for all of us. My Grandma and Grandpa kind of got what was happening but I don't think they can even really grasp what the internet is or how we connect through it. To think how far they've come in their lives. From small radios, horses, and trains to now. Look at us, talking in person on screens, flying around the world, high definition televisions, cell phones, its amazing. I can't say its better, but it is motion and movement and change. I can't help but think what we will see in our lives. Holograms, teleportation, telepathy, who knows, I just know that we can't imagine it. I asked my grandma if she ever dreamed of something like this when she was a girl, and she said she never would have dreamed up something like this in a million years. I think they were having what I like to call a "Holy S**t" moment. Where in your life you simply can't believe that its real or that its really happening. I have them from time to time and I always love it. It would be cool if people shared their Holy S**t moments with us. I always love hearing about them.

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Susan Iverson said...

I think one of my holy s--- moments is about to happen. I don't think you, your brother, your dad , anyone, knows how excited I am to see Elton John in concert. His music was such a big part of my life in college. I don't care how old he is, I think that I will be in that holy s--- mode when I actually see him live. Just about every one of his songs has some sort of correlation to something meaningful in my life. Even the fact that you and your brother always gave me such s--- for listening to it all the time. I can't wait! Anyway, I will let you know if it is truly the moment I anticipated.

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