Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekly Update

After a rough week last week I woke up today and realized April is almost over. Holy SHAT! What a speedy little bugger he was (is April a he, seems like a she oh well). Here's the update!

Musical Artist of the Week: The band's name is My Morning Jacket. They are an amazing indy turned psychedelic jam rock band that I have somehow decided not to get int until now. Now I have to push the live album "Okonokos" because it is like falling through space on a pillow of joy. But I have also heard a ton of tracks from their upcoming album "Evil Urges" and when it comes out on June 10th you must go out and get it! If you like Coldplay, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips or Beck and would like to see them rolled into one with a little something extra then you'll really enjoy this band.

Old School Phrase of the Week: Thanks to Gary the traveling drivers education and welding teacher and his wife Pam that are staying with me (from Texas) I have enough old school phrases written down to last me a long time. My favorite from this weekend has been "Knocked the Soup out of him." You can use this phrase when someone "Gets their Bell rung" or the "Clock Cleaned." Crap! I just used up three in one Update I better stop before I slip out any more!

Weather on Nunivak: I think you all have figured from the recent posts we had some spring weather and are now back in the deep freeze again. Today is a beautiful sunny Sunday and a beautifully crisp 19 degrees F. The wind is still whippin outta the dead North at 15 mph and that drops the windchill to 5 deg F. Spring My ASS! said things are gonna be getting nicer for a couple of days and we might break 40 by mid week...yipee.

WebLinks of the Week: I'm just totally amazed that with a few clicks of the mouse I can save one person's life (, feed a person a meal ( and save 11.4 square feet of rainforest ( Please take the time everyday or once in a while to click these banners in the toolbar to the right and do some good today!

Well I've recorded two songs this week "Its Been a Long Time" and "Souls Will Find a Release" both about spring and both about so much more. I've also been doing quite a bit of writing on the blog. Please give these songs a listen and give me some feedback! I love to hear what people think about music and as I continue to zero into a sort of groove or genre or type of music I always appreciate criticism so I can improve. Thanks!

READERSHIP/ClustR map Update: After some big days we've settled back into our 20-30 people a day pattern, I think the steady nature of these numbers makes me happy to know that there about 25 people that check this blog everyday and some times 3 times as many! Side note: I have 4 songs in the top 100 of the Folk Rock Genre Charts on the IAC database!

Days till Washington:
Officially, I will be off this rock in 25 days! I can't believe life is so fast! I STILL HAVE SOOOOO LONG TO GO!

BIG UPS! This weeks big ups goes to Matt Senechal from Seattle Washington for turning me on to the band, My Morning Jacket. I have had such an epic space cookie of a weekend listening to these guys late at night contemplating the meaning of it all. If you hook me up with music you will get a big ups...unfortunately I don't even know if he reads this blog!

Song of the Weekend:

"Souls Will Find a Release" click HERE to listen.

Walkin’ through the opening in the center of town
And I can feel something comin’ on, comin’ on
It’s another day and I will find a place to rest my eyes
Its another day in paradise

Souls will find a release
Or at least a way to get away
Souls will find a release
Or at least a way to get away


Clouds are rollin’ in I think its time
For spring to roll on by one more time
There’s nothing better than seeing something grow
Through the last remaining remnants of time

Souls will find a release
Or at least a way to get away
Souls will find a release
Or at least a way to get away

Last thoughts: Sorry for no pictures, the internet has been really bad this week!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome new song! I hope you will be able to keep up the songwriting and performing all summer. I look forward to it every day!

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