Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Update Lite

I'm stuck in Bethel due to bad winds on the island. My friend Julian put me up and I spent a very nice very happy quiet evening with his amazing family. Molly made halibut, red beans and rice, reindeer fat snow eskimo ice cream and oatmeal cookies with real milk. We watched movies, played with the kids, and even though I've been homeless for officially 9 days it was really nice to just spend a sunday with someone.

Musical Artist of the Week: As I drifted in and out of sleep on the plane from anchorage to bethel, the sweet sounds of the newish Wilco album "Sky Blue Sky" absolutely rocked my world. The deep sense of confusion and melancholy that seems to surround my recent internal laments was so perfectly expressed through these songs in a way that also said "Yes life is kind of skrewed up but that doesn't mean we can't have a rippin' guitar solo." Wilco, you saved me today.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Horse Shit" I wanted to go home today, well la de freakin da looks like that plan is absolute horse shit.

Weather On Nunivak Island: With freezing rain and winds gusting to 40 knots I don't think it would have been good to fly today. Hopefully the weather will hold tomorrow morning because I hear another storm is coming in and I am pretty tired of the transient lifestyle, I'm on my last clean pair of undies.

Movies I Saw this Week:
Slumdog Millionaire: Finally got around to this critically acclaimed movie and although my trendiest of friends poo pood it, I thought it was exciting, shocking in a poverty sort of way, and really really beautiful.
The International: This movie was tolerable. I liked the Clive Owen character being a desheveled no gun or karate skills sort of hero and I thought the shoot out scene at the Gougenhem was very incredible but I just have come to expect so much from the directer Thomas Tykwer who did Run Lola Run, The Princess and the Warrior, and Perfume. Kind of a let down for me.
He's Just Not That Into You: And I just wasn't that into this movie. Don't get me wrong, it has tons of funny parts, Scarlet Johansen is beautiful and the Macintosh guy is pretty funny. But the movie went on for ever. The thing I love about chick flicks is that they are short, have predictable endings, and you get a nice 86 min chunk of your life taken care of without feeling too jipped. This movie felt like 2 hours long. Oddly enough though, it does have some very sobering information for guys and girls out there on just exactly might be going through the minds of those people we hate to love or love to hate...the opposite sex.

Lastly but not Leastly: Sorry for the short weekend update but I'm tired and transient and sore as hell from skiing on friday (pics still to come!). Today was a great sunday though because I spent it with people instead of alone in my apartment in Mekoryuk like usual. Tomorrow I will either spend the day trying to get back to mekoryuk in Grant Aviation (free wifi though) or at the District Office trying to avoid the ever present ominance that is a day stuck in bethel working at the DO. If I get stuck again I'll just have to visit some more friends tomorrow.

Still kickin though. Stay Classy Out there.

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Corinna said...

I was also not so into "He's Just Not That Into You." Like, hey, *I* am just not that into *him.*

Horse shit is the best phrase ever. Especially in response to what someone else says.
A: It's raining outside.
B: Horse shit.

Wilco. Rules. Please Be Patient With Me and Either Way - incredible!

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