Sunday, February 17, 2008


Today is my brothers birthday. That is more important than the weekly update. Besides, I'm not listening to any music right now at the SPED conference. I have so much to say about that but I'd like to share some memories of my brother.

One, He may not remember it, but we used to play in the clover grass outside of my grandparents home on the hill overlooking the Okanogan River in Omak in Dave and Fran's Apple Orchard. I remember it though. If there is a heaven it probably is there for me.

After we left daycare in Gig Harbor because I got too old, it was just me and him. Everyday after school we would make the mile long trudge up Peacock Hill to our home on 105th street. Then we would be alone together, entertaining ourselves with made up games, forts, sports, stories, TV shows and brotherhood. Our parents got home around 6 or so and those 3 hours were ours. That is where I can best estimate our close bond formed.

When Hal was a freshman in High School, I was a Senior. I tried so hard to help him be comfortable and cool at school. His friends became my other little brothers. At their first high school dance I had all of my senior friends that were girls go over and get them out on the dancefloor. It was possibly the funniest moment of my life.

When I was a senior at WSU Hal was an incoming freshman. Even though I was going slightly crazy I was able to provide a type of social support for him and his friends that helped them stay out of the Frat disaster. We got one good football season together and I'll never forget that. He's the only person I know that loves the cougars the way I do.

The Christmas before this last one, we hiked the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu together. It was kind of a test to see who was in better shape and I can honestly say he was. Not only physically, but mentally. It was the first time in either of our lives that the roles truly reversed. He was experienced, he spoke the lingo, he was the expert, he was the strong one, and I realized that maybe he always has been. We did it though.

Now I am hear, in Anchorage, talking to him on a cell phone on his birthday. It makes me sad a little. But, I know that this summer, out of them all, might be the best one. We are starting to visualize together and separately a reality that places us together on more adventures around the world. I believe it will happen! Iverson brothers hike Kilamanjaro. Iverson brothers road trip Australia. Iverson brothers adventures forever! I'm so excited to be alive knowing that there is a person like him out there that embodies all the qualities in life that I strive for and appreciate. I did not make my brother. He made me.

I Love you Buddy. Happy Birthday. I still let you win. hehehe


Anonymous said...

I had to wait awhile to comment after reading this so I could clear the tears out of my eyes. If there is one thing in this world for which I am truly grateful, it is the fact that no matter what, you two will always have each other. We may not have done everything right raising you but we did that right! Just one thing, I take exception to the statement that your brother is the only one who loves the Cougars the way you do. Come on!!!!! Love, Mom

Jason said...

Mr. Iverson, You have a really long blog. It would take me years to read it all. Any way it is cool. You got cool pictures too.

Halsky said...

I remember the clover grass on the apple orchard. I remember it well. I think if I could go back to any time in my life it would be then and there with you.
My birthday was great, low key, but nice. I can feel that summer will quickly race toward us and that makes every day a little bit easier. It is going to be a summer to remeber. Thank you for this blog bro. But it makes me miss you too much, so dont write anymore like it.

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