Saturday, October 13, 2007

Okey Dokey

By the way what does "okey dokey" mean? I don't know but I sure appreciate that I live in a world where people say "okey dokey." You should say it in casual conversation tomorrow and next week. It feels good to say "okey dokey". Do I have to put parenthesis around "okey dokey" every time I type it? Well that's friggin' annoying. No more of that bologna. Back to okey dokey. I suggest that if you are going to say okey dokey in daily life don't do it half assed. Mean your okey dokies. When someone asks you if you can do something for them or if you understand say "okey dokey." A nice accent to the okey dokey is a thumbs up. The okey dokey with the thumbs up can come of as shmucky, hammy, and Ned Flanders ish if done with to much gusto, so play it cool dadio. Just let it roll off the tongue. Say it. Ohhkey dohhkey. If you are afraid to bust out the full fledged okey dokey with bonus thumbs up maneuver try on its less flamboyant predecessor, the "okey doke" with an the ok sign. That's the one where you touch your pointer finger to your thumb and splay your three remaining fingers out like peacock feathers. The amount of emphasis you put on the finger splaying can help regulate the intensity of the ok sign. It is a safer maneuver but ultimately doesn't give the person being okey doked the full effect and assurance that a heartfelt thumbs up can provide. Now, I know some of you are thinking what the sweet lord is Kale talking about okey dokies for? Well I'm bringing them back. You should to. There are a lot of things I want to bring back. They are these old time sayings that I remember from my childhood that no one says anymore. I am working for the preservation of "Granmpa Like" sayings in American English. You know what old people are more than just wrinkly and hard of hearing. They are walking vessels that carry the ancient relics of our language and our hearts. I think that its a common fact that the elderly rule. The problem I have is that I look around me at the people my age. The people coming out of the 80's. The people who grew up with "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch blasting out of boomboxes in the 90's. What language are we going to be spouting off in our twighlight years to the youngins? Probably Borat and Bill and Ted's quotes. I will probably be wondering around shopping markets going up to strangers and saying in a weary voice "Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party time excellent." I mean by that time okey dokies and thumbs ups will be gone. Probably replaced by smiley faces like this => :) I mean what the fig Newton is that? I am here to say that I want to pass on the old time sayings not "Dude, that's so tubular" or "let's get krunk in da club" or the ever popular "Aight" the alright hybrid. I say okey dokey as a personal stand in time. I say okey dokey to keep alive a simpler, purer language. A language where saying a "Dabgummit" is an acceptable substitute for blasphemy. A language that will be lost if we don't keep our thumbs pointing toward the sky. I say slap your knee when you laugh. I say wear suspenders. I say watch PBS. I say that you should say and we all should say okey dokey. Can you do that for me? ...what do you say?...I can't see your thumbs.


Susan Iverson said...

Does that mean you will no longer give us grief when we use words like jigger, roquefert and schooner? Although, I hate to be lumped into the "Grandpa" era. It's just good to know some of these things will love on with your generation, one person at a time. Okey Dokey. Love, Mom

stephie said...

I already say okey dokey all the time.. great minds think a like! we already knew that too..
and you finally left me a comment! and it was wonderful!

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