Thursday, April 3, 2008

Into The Wild

I just finished watching "Into the Wild."
I think it ruined me.
I'm not sure what to write after this.
This has staggered me in a way that hasn't happened before.
What else is there to say after watching a film like that.
It makes all of my pursuits trivial.
My thoughts lost.
My Travels worthless.
And my beliefs false.
It makes my life small.
Happiness is nothing unless it is shared.
I miss my family and friends and I want to go home.
That is probably the truest thing I've said in months.
These are my thoughts as I sit here in my stupid apartment alone.
On my Great Alaskan Adventure.
What the hell is wrong with this state?
Why do we all come here searching?
What are we looking for?
There are no answers around.
Just more questions.
And regrets.
And endless thoughts.
And I can't believe I'm coming back for more.
Hopefully I don't get rained in.
I guess I have to start over again.


positivelystephie said...

yes i had a really hard time when i watched this movie as well... but i think you can take the good from it, he did what he wanted to do and it had seemed impossible, he found what he was looking for in a way, and realized happiness needs to be shared. We al make mistakes that in retro seem stupid.. but that is live you learn, you love, you adventure. Nothing you ever do is worthless, everything you do effects everything in the universe beyond your wild imagination!
I love you loads! Can't wait to hug you!!

alisha said...

I think that if you truly make an effort to find answers to good questions that you will always find more questions. I think that is the value of a good question and the process of seeking the answer....finding new questions. We are human, it's what we do, it's what sets us apart as a species from every other living thing. It's in our DNA :) teacher!

Keep on'll be home soon!

I'm surprised to hear you use the word doesnt seem like a word you would use. You seem like the type to value ALL experiences. No regrets!

Oh, and, can you tell me how to embed links into my posts the way you do?

Have a plazitory day!

Reese-E said...

Wow. I've never seen the movie, but I've been wanting to. Crazy that it made you feel that strongly. You seem so good at not getting sad or lonely that it was weird to read the line about missing your family and friends and wanting to go home. I know it's a sad one, but I really liked this post. It got me thinking.

Now, cheer up, buttercup! And go eat some cadbury eggs.

Jessie said...

exactly my reaction as the credits rolled...

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