Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Update tis the season...I guess

I think I'm almost done sulking for the weekend. I watched some good end of the year college football, slept in and relaxed.

Musical Artist of the Week: One of the reason I usually scrooge out during the holidays is because the entire spectacle is so corny and embarrassing. But now that I have Jack Johnson's record label's christmas album -"This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol. 1" featuring Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, ALO, Zach Gill, G. Love and Mason Jennings, Christmas just went from Dorky in the Harry Connick way to cool in the Jack Johnson way. This collection of cool, relaxed and funky christmas songs almost, ALMOST, makes me get into the spirit of the holiday season...almost.

Old Geezer Phrase of the Week:
"Christ Alive" Since its the holiday season is around the corner, the term "Christ Alive" is a good one to bust out as you open up your pre-packaged and wrapped presents on the supposed day of his birth. When you unveil those wool socks from the bon marche box, or that new set of bath towels you were hoping for you can exclaim "Christ Alive!"

Nunivak Weather: Its not very Christmassy around here. After the warm streak last week that almost melted all our snow away and definitely unearthed some long forgotten debris and garbage that the nice people of Mekoryuk have thought would disappear as they tossed it on the side of the road to be concealed by the snow. Now the cold temperatures have returned with no new snow for the top layer, freezing all this untidy melted mess in place rock hard.

Health and Fitness Update:
Two yoga classes last week turned out to have a couple possible new recruits for next year.

Personal Art and Music Update:
I have been practicing some songs everyday so that I remember them perfectly so that I can play them from memory. Most of you who have heard me play know that I can't really re-play most of the songs I recorded/made up myself and I also make up a bunch of crap on the spot, when I do play covers I don't always remember the lyrics, this year I've set out to change that, at least for what I've written lately. I also wanted to learn 5-10 covers by heart so that in total I might be able to play a good 45 min show someday. Here is what I have so far

My Songs:
Clean Fresh Brand New Start
Standin' Still
Depending On
Love Overgrown
My Little Life (New)

Covers I know:
Matt Costa "Yellow Taxi Cab"
Sublime "Santeria/What I Got/Caress Me Down" Medley
Beautiful Girls "Long Way Home"
Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby"
Montell Jordan "This is How We Do it"

Covers I'm Practicing:
Kings of Convenience "I don't know what I can save you from"
Death Cab For Cutie "Photobooth"

Covers I want to learn:
Usher "Nice and Slow"
LFO "Summertime Girls"
TQ "Westide Till I Die"

My ultimate plan being that if I ever were to play a show it would be intermixing my own songs with cheezy 90's RNB songs that we all could sing along too to create an overall feeling of wellbeing and comedy. I think it would be great. Maybe if you hang out with me over christmas you'll get to hear some!

Lastly But Not Leastly:
My Fine Arts Class will be having their art show at 7pm on friday (by having it on my birthday I'm hoping that people will forget it). The Show will display my 6 student's complete work from the entire semester finished as possible for the public in the school gym to enjoy. We will have music, refreshments, and we will be dressed like "artists." I am extremely excited to provide this experience for my kids and for the community. Wish us luck!!!

I got another long week, then one more, and then I can go home. I hope everyone is making the best of the darkness, and cold, and christmas-ness of it all and isn't getting to freaked out.



Hal said...

no comment about this insane album we are listening to? come on kale!

Syd said...

Totolly stoked to hear you play LFO! Stoked to hear you play anything really.
did you ever get my postcard I mailed?

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