Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend Update

New Blog Features This Week:
No Project Playlist Music anymore: Because of our firewall I can't access it anymore. I might have a friend go on and get me a code for it so that its still there but not auto starting. But for now its gone.

Auto starting random playlist of my music: The little gray fella to the right is the one pumping out those All Kale jams. You can press stop to make me go away. It should be a different song everytime you sign on so hopefully it won't get too annoying.

Kale Summer Tour Schedule: I've started posting some dates of events and things I'll be doing this summer. Please PLEASE Please email me or comment good ideas and I'll add them if I can make it. This also gives people an idea of where I'll be and what I'll be doing this summer. I'll be posting more information here as it comes along.

Amazing Panoramic Mekoryuk Banner: That picture on the top is looking back at our little village from the harbor. How cool!

Little Photo Nuggets: I've put a few little photos and personal touches into the blog. I'll be looking for new ways to change this blog to accommodate my transitioning life. Spring is in the air and change is all around.

Musical Artist of the Week: First off This artist isn't for everyone (but should be). It wasn't even for me at first. But something happened to me this week. I needed something a little bit more industrial than your average artist of the week. Then like a premonition I had one word come into my brain randomly

This meant only one thing, I needed my nectar bass-ed. The first time I saw this larger than life DJ (with crazy effing long hair) he had like 50 people dancing and freaking going nuts on stage with him and I was already worn out from dancing to a subpar Flowmotion show. I wasn't really in the right mood for getting my Bass Nectared and didn't really seem to get it then.

But I have also seen him all alone. No One wanted to go see him at High Sierra Music Festival late night (2007). I went all alone into a giant tent, dark lights and laser beams, and what I saw was nothing short of spectacular. One man, two hands, and random joy exploding out across the faces of everyone as he stopped and started our hearts. I danced so hard that night. He mixes in so many different sounds so quickly, old school hip hop beats, ragtime piano, swing trumpets and big band, jazzy synths, movie quotes and thought provoking phrases, sixties psychedelia and chorus hooks, (nothing is off the table) all with nasty electronic breaks and expert bass riffs and changes. He is not everyone's kind of music but given the right mood I think, in fact, he is. I recommend his podcast on itunes (if you wanna check it our for free) and any of his albums also available there. You won't be disappointed.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Absa-Friggin-lutely" Are you gonna start saying this? Absafrigginlutely.

Weather on Nunivak:
God, we had one beautiful day, on bright shining day, so sunny it almost blinded you. I walked around town in a hooded sweatshirt dancing my shadow across the sun to Bassnectar, so warm inside, and felt like spring was truly coming finally. But no, today, blizzard all up in our shit like a motha shutyourmouth. Now its snowing and blowing and generally just as nasty as December outside.

Personal Art Update: Eh, couple new songs in the works, might go back and rerecord some things, we'll see. I'm also pumpin out the sweet funky yarn hats still.

And I have to insist that you go back and read the last 5 or 6 posts. Seriously the one about Freedom and Being Free was really good, as was Oops False Start Monday, and then there was the epic Snow Day and Free Thoughts.

Pain In My Ass This Week:
The Post Office. I hate it when packages take for ever to get delivered! Damn you Lydia and Dominik.

Triple Bonus Life Score of the Week: I finally got to talk to my brother on skype today. Man it felt so good. We didn't get ANYTHING accomplished for our trip to Europe this summer, but it felt good to just check in. He seems to be doing good, and seems to be just as busy I am.

Lastly But Not Leastly: Also, I came over to school to get a bunch of work done, but I didn't get anything done really. I just goofed off and rearranged my teacher desk (allowing me to watch the little bastards like a hawk). I did a little room house cleaning and I'm on the hunt for materials to start my Earth Science "express" Unit. Even though I've been teaching Earth Science since January we had to go over the basics of Chemistry and Physics because none of the kids knew that stuff (kind of important). Finally we are getting to Earth Science. I'm gonna go fast because we only have two months left and I have a lot to get in. Lots of online interactives, lots of labs hopefully, lots of activity in the room to try and beat those cabin fever like behaviors that are starting to pop up about this time of year. But at this level of education I think a lot of teachers go way to deep into things. You have to stick, jab, and move, hit em with the jab, little quick exciting moments, and wait till they bite and knock em out with something cool if you can. But if you try to wrestle em for every inch, everyone is going to get frustrated and bored.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!


Hal Iverson said...

On the contrary brother. We accomplished a very important thing in our little convo. We decided what we wanted to GET OUT OF our summer trip. That was an important decision. The decision to not go "sight seeing" and to look at other reasons for visiting places. Beautiful weather, long warm sand beaches, culture, feel, perhaps a large greek man who gives rub downs. These are important things bro. We accomplished a lot.

Erin said...

I whole heartedly approve of the 10,000 Lakes Festival. I've never been able to attend due to those silly classes I take in Fairbanks each summer.

Sounds like a busy summer. Due to my new job mine is going to be cut a bit shorter and I now will have to return to my home in (gulp) Bethel directly after my month of thesis writing in Fairbanks.

Syd said...

I’m glad you bassed your nectar! His stage presence is phenomenal and it’s an instant “free feeling” when ever I get to see him live (Burning Man was fan friggin tastic). His long hair and the way he head bangs to the beat … sweeping his decks with his lustrous, huge locks kick my ass. You should also check out Freq Nasty. He’s good at pulsating your spirit and setting you free to rock the heck out (killer locks too)
I always say absuhfrigginlutely. And on that note I also use haluh frickin yula!
Keep on rockin in the "free" world
!!!(you know what i mean)

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