Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekly Update...Sigh

I'll have more to say at the end of this.

Musical Artist of the Week: To accompany my deepening melancholy I have bought the newest and greatest Sigur Ros album "Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust." This Icelandic band has been with since I was a freshman in college and everytime I feel like simmering in my own sadness they have been there to say what I need to hear. The most incredible thing is that all the words to their songs are made up and don't mean anything. This allows a type of emotion to shine through the music that other lyrics might ruin. They convey exactly what they want to say without the use of real words. Check them out on iTunes or just go and buy the album.

Personal Art Update: With great sadness comes good art I suppose. I just wrote a couple new poems that I will put in another post after I finish this. I continue to enjoy playing my new Lanakai ukulele and have recorded a couple new songs on it. I'm going to keep writing poetry as much as I can and I'll share it with you (but I never get any feedback on the poems so we'll see how long that lasts)

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Up Sh** creek with out a paddle." This is one of my favorite ways to tell someone tough luck/too bad/SOL. Just the image it brings to mind makes me smirk a little.

Bush Recipe of the Week: Tired of drinking concentrated orange juice out of the can that totally sucks? Well here's a trick my parents taught me to make that crap palletable (it totally works I swear).

Orange Juice From Concentrate That Doesn't Suck:

First, make your sucky orange juice like normal
Second, when you're done add in a capful of "Vanilla Extract"
Third, Stir and let chill.
Last, Drink your not as sucky orange juice from concentrate.

Readership Update: Still at about 40 visitors a day and about 250+ a week. I always wonder just who you are though.

Other News: A special thanks to Alisha, Chandra and Avery for all the hospitality and friendship this weekend, I had a great time (probably too great because I feel lonely now without all the people and dogs). Also, Erin thanks for being awesome company at Grant Aviation and on the flight out, it was so good to see you too and made me realize what good friends I have (if only they weren't all so far away).

Also: I cut my hair this morning, about 10 inches. I trimmed my beard too. I like it, or at least it fits how I feel. Time for a semi new start I guess.

Have a good week.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kale,

Still reading your blog fairly regularly. I've got some warm pictures from the ocean I'll send your way. And heres a band I think you'll like: Explosions in the Sky.


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