Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekly Update 4/20

I made it back to the island today on a sideways flying plane. Winds were up to 70 knots at times today and I can admit the landing was awkward and nerve wracking. But I made it thank goodness (not a substitute for God) simply thank the goodness and skills of the daring pilot. Its a very special day for several reasons. My cousin Brianna and her Husband John had a baby boy today "Haywood Frances" in their home. Congratulations !

I will discuss other aspects of this unique day around the world after the update.

Musical Artist of the Week: I am bored with my music. I WANT YOU TO TELL ME WHO YOUR ARTIST OF THE WEEK IS. SO PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAASE comment and share about what you're diggin this week in the world of tunage so we can all get some of that action! Thanks...

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Joshin Around" Now I'm not sure who the original Josh was that caused so much trouble to earn this phrase for goofin off but he must have put Dennis the Menace to shame. Make sure you turn around to your kids in the back seat and yell "QUIT JOSHIN AROUND BACK THERE!" or when someone says, "Whatcha doin there pardner?" You can reply "Just Joshin around" or "I'm just Joshin' you."

Weather On Nunivak: Its been a windy week here in Mekoryuk. Warm low pressure front has raised temperatures to a balmy 45 deg. F at times but we are currently right above freezing with a blustery snowfall. It might be enough to cover up the feet of snow that have melted and flooded the town of Bethel as well as my island. I think the big thaw is here, but I'm gonna give it a couple of more days before I really believe spring is on its way.

Weblinks of the Week: Every week I have to ask myself what have I been looking at on the web? Well this week I haven't done anything but look at peoples blogs. I said I read over twenty a day, this isn't as crazy as it sounds, many people don't update them often, so its a click and them move along if their is nothing new. I also have 12 student blogs, 5 partner teacher's student blogs and then all the ones I read on my own. You can link to all of these through my blog links to the right. I like to call it blog surfing. You just ride the blogs and their comments and go around surfing peoples blogs and its fun. You should try it!

Art Update for the Week: Obviously no one else has sent in a poem because you haven't heard any new songs playing when you log onto the blog. SEND ME POEMS PLEASE!!!! I don't want to abandon the project especially now that some of the song collaborations are now ranking in the top 1000 on the entire site (out of 25,000) and in the top fifty for the folk/acoustic/poet rock Genre! Other projects have slowed but I'm really looking forward to playing some live music this summer, so I'm always practicing!

Readership/ClustR Map Update: Its true, we broke some records last week. 88 visitors in one day, and over 2000 since the beginning of February. Some red dots keep growing and others keep popping up in the most peculiar of countries. I just wish I could hear from this wonderful people from far away!

BiG UPs! This weeks BiG UPs goes to one of my best friends in the world, Randall Sloot. Yesterday was his birthday, I couldn't really call him, but I know today he's celebrating another personal holiday and having a good time. He also sent me a cool postcard a week or so ago that really got me pumped up for summer. So Randall, Big Ups yaself brodda, Mad Respect.

Last Thoughts: Today is April 20th, Otherwise known as 420 or FourTwenty. Several things have happened on this day in history.

In 1889 Hitler was born and Nazi's everywhere probably remember this and celebrate it like the psychos they are. Get over it you nutjobs.

In 1999 Two students went into Columbine High School and massacred a bunch of their peers and teachers and set a new precedent for youth violence in America.

And somewhere in the 70-80's a counter culture holiday was born. If you don't know about four twenty maybe its time you should know (I mean it might explain a lot tomorrow), because a very very very large part of the American population will be "Miraculously" stupider tomorrow than any other particular Monday for the rest of the year. You see 420 is basically the international day to smoke tons of Marijuana. Where it came from has many stoner stories and myths and legends (Grateful Dead tours, high school kids in California, 420 is the police code for marijuana possession). These are as diverse and fairly mindless as the character typed smokers themselves. I'm not saying I condone this Counter-Culture Holiday or Marijuana use, I'm more simply trying to point out that right now around the world more people are smoking pot than during any other time in the other 364 days of the year. Not only that, they are smoking more pot than they normally would just like your crazy uncle Larry eats too much on Thanksgiving or your wino Aunt Clarice drinks too much on Christmas. Stoners world wide will smoke themselves into a comatose like stupor tonight starting at the international time of day to smoke pot (4:20pm is the official time of day everyday) watching popular drug movies and participating in "Stoner" Activities like staring at "Magic Eye" books, and will also wake up tomorrow in a furry fuzzy slowmotion haze dreading the work week and the return back to the obligations of the reality they so humorously left behind the day before.

So tomorrow, when you come across a sleepy looking fellow, seemingly lost, or slightly off their game, don't hassle them or come down on them, they're sleeping off a lot of THC in their system. I'm not saying you should reward them, but yelling at a stoner isn't going to work, its best just to let them sort of wander through their day and they'll be better the next one. In fact, a far more humorous and fun activity is to mess with them in their vulnerable state. I suggest buying a bunch of Urine Analysis cups and setting them on your desk tomorrow. Watch the eyes dance and the hearts race as students and workers panic all around you. And, just because the person doesn't have dread locks or talk about reggae music doesn't mean they didn't participate in the holiday today. Tomorrow morning is the best time of the entire year to figure out who smokes pot at your work or in your immediate surroundings. Simply observe your students and colleagues, take note of any slow and confusing behavior and ask simple questions like "what did you last night?" or "what were we just talking about?" If they studder and stammer for an answer or are just plain stumped for an answer you can basically take a wild guess about what they got into the night before. Messing with stoners is a fun and often comedic workplace activity. So. teachers and workers of RW land, now you know tomorrow is gonna be off a bit. Don't say I didn't warn ya. You live in America with people of all types, you should at least know this about them tomorrow.

Well thats all from my town of Mekoryuk, Alaska, where the snow is white, the sky is gray and the wind blows all day.


hdt said...

Music to check out:
Lupe Fiasco-he's a smart rapper in terms of the whole Common/Mos Def/thinking man's hip-hop

the old favorites: Radiohead's "In Rainbows" Belle and Sebastian, Tricky,
Pete Krebs
these are all people I listened to this weekend...I think of some more and I'll find a poem for ya soon. Take care, hdt.

Christina. said...

You think Josh might have been a character? What about that Joe King guy?

Hmm.... joshing, joking... jimmying has meaning too.

Let's make up new definitions like... "Kaleing." It can forever be used to express when one visits a new village and then doesn't do a shout-out on his blog that is read by everyone in said new village.

"Dude, you were totally kaleing this week!"

Erin said...

Kaleing -- that's funny.

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