Sunday, November 18, 2007

Artist and Phrase of the Week

I know its early for this but I couldn't wait.

Artist of the Week:
Bob Marley "Songs of Freedom"
Now I can already hear the "Typical Hippie" snickers coming from most of you but I swear to the lordy lord that when I am down and blue (which I'm not, I'm fine but I might be soon, I'm getting a little homesick around the holidays) Bob Marley is one of the only people who can make me happy, or in his words, "when the music hits you feel no pain." Consequently a big part of it is that when I hear that reggae bass thump I can't help but shake my booty, and that always cheers a hippie right up. So snicker away, I will be dancing, happy, a dancing happy hippie.

Old Geezer Phrase of the Week: "You bet cha" alternate pronunciation "You bet cher"
Well I don't need to point out the versatility of this old school phrase but you betcher ass there is a lot of ways you can use "You betcher" in a sentence. It can be a sing of conversational conformation: "Can you do that for me" "You betcha" or it can be used to point out the quality of something "You betcher bottom dollar that there aint no _______ like this in the world"

Weather Report Lately the weather has been "Arcticky" "North Pole ish" and "Dark Side of the Moony"
Temps have dropped to a day time high of 20 deg. F with a wind chill around 12 deg. F
We are currently experiencing a good amount of sideways ground wind and snow is coming down irregularly. The forecast for the week is more "butt ass cold" weather followed by a good chance of several days of "Freaking Bone chilling" cold patches. In other words, its colder than a burrito in a freezer out here.

Current Art Projects Progress (NEW WEEKLY FEATURE!!!) I have now finished 9 complete songs for my next album "A Whisper Wind" I feel like this album will show a lot of growth, technical improvement and a few covers (since the album is free I'm not too worried about getting sued).
I am also working on an all computer generated electronica album under the artist name Aliverson Rise. This album already has about 7 songs and will be titled "Tripno Jazzy Funkadelic Soulhoptica"
I'm getting some good feedback on "I Need Life" so I hope people will be interested in getting these albums too.
I am drawing a lot, mostly black sharpie and colored pencil. I am trying to draw a lot of scientific like drawings that are actually made up organisms. Right now I have been drawing a lot of plantlife, micro organisms, cells, viruses and things like that. I realized I should draw what I know, Biology.
All of the poetry I have been writing goes into the blog or song lyrics, as I get closer to finishing "A Whisper Wind" I will post all the song lyrics.

Thanks for reading and let your light shine out brightly.

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