Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Update 3/23

Ah the sweet smell of chocolate. Thats right, its Easter. Whether you're remembering the resurrection of Jesus or the resurrection of a fictional bunny that lays eggs in the night for little boys and girls to find, its that special day. Unfortunately this will be the first Easter in my memory that I haven't had a Cadbury Cream Egg, and that saddens me deeply.

Musical Artist of the Week: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova in the "Once" movie soundtrack. I finally was feeling sappy enough and lonely enough to by a big fat love ballad cd. Fortunately Glen Hansard of The Frames and Marketa's angelic voice make it some how okay. If you're looking for a big Golden Egg of a goody this soundtrack is for you and its even filled with rich creamy love and a couple of nuts.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Cryin' Shame" This expression is pretty self explanatory. Now if you really want to put some zesty southern flavor to it just add "Now Ain't that just a Crying Shame?" to the whole phrase and really spice 'er up a bit.

Weather Here on Nunivak: Well it ain't getting any friggin' warmer I'll tell you that. It is 6 deg. F with a 20 mph wind coming straight out the butt of jack frost due north. That makes it about -14 outside. We have clouds and a 9:30 sunset which keeps it light out till 10. That sounds like more time to fish right? Wrong. Its colder than a witches butt in iron britches and you can't really do anything but stay inside going crazy.

Weblink of the Week: Holy crap the North West String Summit is getting HUGE this year. Yonder Mountain String Band, Keller Williams, Drew Emmit and Bill Nershi, and Strings For Industry! I mean its gonna be gigantic. Anyone on the west coast this summer who doesn't go is really making a poor decision. Its July 18,19,20 at Hornings Hideout outside of Portland Oregon. Camp amongst the trees, dance amongst the trees, kick up some dust with some hippies, and hear all the late night string pickin sessions that seem to miraculously pop up like fungus! Its gonna be great, see you there?

Art Update: I've been playing some guitar and drawing/painting with watercolors. I keep making underwater creatures for some reason. I love the definite and complete color of water color paints, the problem is that mixing colors is hard and it bleeds (if you are an amateur like me). Check out the drawing colored in with WC's of Barnacles in the previous post.

ClustRMap Update: At just about 1200 site hits since Feb 9. I'm pretty pumped. Our little reading community here on RW fluctuates from 25-45 readers a day! I can't believe it, hopefully the ultra long, ultra serious religious contemplations didn't drive anyone away! :(

BIG UPS: This weeks Big Ups goes to my Mentor Teacher Pat McDonald for frequently and fearlessly travelling out to the great barren arctic desolation to provide mental, spiritual, professional and nutritional support to me as well as many other first year teachers. She'll be arriving here tomorrow weather pending and will undoubtedly enlighten me as always! Thanks Pat. Her blog is really cool too! Check her out with the Iditarod Champ in Nome! and her blog is Alaska Mentor Pat!

Random Iverson Photo: This is me taking an underwater photo of myself in Fiji in the Blue Lagoon bay. You'll notice a lot of sunscreen on my face because I burned the crap out of myself earlier that week. Sweet Straw hat though!

New BLOG FEATURE!: On the toolbar to the right I've added a JamBase concert finder. All you have to do is pick a city nearby and it will tell you all the concerts and shows of cool people I like playing soon! I think this is a great way to Radiate Some Warmth because you can go see bands that I think anyone would enjoy!

Have a good week you cheeky monkeys.

Below is a song I wrote last night, listen if you want.

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Alaskan Teacher Mentor Pat said...

Thanks for the plug, Kale! I'll be there tomorrow with Mexican food! It will be good to finally talk to you in person!

Happy Easter! Pat

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