Sunday, March 9, 2008


Its Sunday again. I finally got some work done at school. I never feel prepared for school on Mondays.

MUSICAL ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Umphrey's McGee from "Anchor Drops" or "Safety In Numbers" I saw this band at the Showbox in Seattle and was starry eyed and jaw dropped through two hour and a half sets of blinding solos and cool transitions. They can move from funk into disco in country into rock in their own Chicago based rock style. I've included two very popular songs at their shows so that you can get the flavor. They are slowly climbing up the JamBand ladder as the top band to see right now. I can see why! They rule and I just reintroduced myself to them and have been rocking them all weekend.

OLD Person Phrase Of the WEEK: "Cotton Pickin" You thinkin' of blowin' this phrase off? Well you better think one cotton pickin' minute before you do! I don't know what the origins of it are but it fits nicely into God d****t as a substitute. But if you put God D*** in front of it then it becomes a blasphemous powerhouse of a phrase.

Nunivak Weather: Obviously we had a nice warm weekend until yesterday when it started snowing. I'd say we've got 6 inches of spring wet snow in the last couple of days. Currently we're at about 10 deg F with a 14 mph wind coming out of the NW (rare). Snow is blowing sideways and accumulating. Locals say its gonna be an early spring.

BOOK of the WEEK: There is no book of the week (I'm still finishing a Bob Dylan autobiography, Anastasia, and the Field. I might put this feature on hiatus for a bit.

WEBLINK OF THE WEEK: THE ELECTRIC APRICOT: QUEST FOR FESTAROO! This is a mockumentary made by Les Claypool of Primus. It basically follows the fake band Electric Apricot through their trials and tribulations leading up to making it to play at the biggest hippy festival of all "Festeroo" which is a joke for "High Sierra Music Festival" The whole thing basically rips on hippies the whole time, it is extremely funny and my brother and I almost wet ourselves when we watched it at High Sierra last summer. The reason I'm featuring it is because its opening in some theatres right now! Go to the website to find out more info: Colorado March 10th and 12th, Seattle March 12-16th, Santa Cruz CA March 15th, GO SEE IT!

ART UPDATE: As you can see I've been posting music, I've been working on an instrumental rock album for a month now, with other songs interspersed here and there. Student Art Society met outside of school on Thursday and was a big hit. We watched PHISH and the Grateful Dead in concert. The kids hated it but I made them watch it. There was some painting and mod podgeing and it was good.

ClustR Map: 774 site hits since Feb. 9 and we're cruising toward 1000 soon! I'll throw a blog party or something. Also, Washington is holding it down as the biggest dot so far.

BIG UPS (that means kudos or props are pat on the back): I don't want to devalue the big ups by making two people share it. But....this week I'm giving two Big Ups. The first came early in the week when I was gifted an album on iTunes for my first iTunes gift ever! Big Ups to Jessie for hooking me up with Bikram Ghosh "Drum Invasion" what a thoughtful and cool thing to get! The Second Big Ups of the week came a couple days later and goes out to the QUEEN OF TAXES Alisha for calming my frustrations, getting everything in order, doing some research and totally making this years tax prep a breeze. Big Ups yourself Alisha, Booyaka sha!

Random Old Iverson Pic of the Day: Me and my brother at the Moscow, Idaho Hempfest watching a really crappy band. Our family friend Grace Shaddox is smiling beautifully in the background.

Song of the Day: The Summer is just around the corner, researching The Electric Apricot got me thinking about a summer song I wrote a little while ago and I included some High Sierra photos to go with it, just so you know what I was thinking about a little.

The Song is called "4th of July" from "Conducive to the Good Times" album of recent creation.

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positivelystephie said...

I love it!!! i love it!!! i love it!!! i love that you feature UM and i get to see them at Jam in the dam in less then a week.. was i at the show with you in seattle? I love cottin pickin.. i use that.. I wish i would have gone to see the movie with you at HS i remember you and hal coming back from that and loving it! I can't wait to see it this summer.. I love that you reminded me of HS, and all that summer time fun! You are one of my favorite festival partners! And i am glad you put some of my photos on your blog!! Yeaha.. i am getting on the famous blog! my dot is not gettin bigger! arrghhh i need to get on 4 times a day or something! Oh and i love your header photo.. i remember taking that! that was the last time i saw you... wow how things have changed!
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