Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Update

Well we survived the Halloween carnival. My hair survived too. Until tomorrow that is. Word around the igloo is that they're gonna have a special afternoon assembly for it. Pictures are sure to follow. This is my classroom skeletom lovingly named "Nancy" by the kids getting into the spirit of all Hallow's Eve.

Musical Artist of the Week: Jack Johnson "Brushfire Fairytales" Every so often I just plum forget about an album for a couple-three years. As I was scrolling through my massive jack catalog I realized I didn't have his first album, the one that made me love his music so long ago, the songs I sang arm in arm with my freshman college roomates as we saw him in front of 150 people at Beasely Coliseum in podunk Pullman waRshintun at WSU. With hits like "bubble toes" and "flake" this is an obviously good album, but upon a half a decade later reexamination I still find it to be one of those really important albums that changed my life.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: Our wonderful cook said this peculiar phrase to me this weekend. We were talking about how fast the fall has gone already. She said "The Bible says time will go fast in the end for those with jesus in their hearts." I don't know what that means exactly but it was certainly quaint and made me smile.

Nunivakian Weather Report: After a short melt down and a slushy muddy mess last week we seem to have frozen back up after a nice little dusting last night. I'll tell you what, if it stayed warm like it was last week I mighta made it back up to the trout pond one more time. Now we're hovering around freezing with clear skies and no wind.

Yoga/Fitness Clubdate: With a steady attendance of 3 ladies (having lost the principals wife to going back to her home) I have decided to expand my advertisement efforts. I will be posting fliers around town and may start announcing on VHF radio waves. While I enjoy the company of my yoga team mates, I would like to see more involvement from all walks of life, I won't be happy till I have an old eskimo woman, a toddler, some male and female students, and somebodys dad there.

Lack of a Political Update:
I won't be voting this year, not because I don't want to, but because my request form was held up in a 4 day fog storm and failed to make the deadline. The only thing I can do to make up my civic debt is to share this website that I stole from Erin who stole it from Mentor Pat. Click Here and prepare to wet your undergarments.

Personal Art Update: Ummmm...nothing really to report. I've been busy sadly, although Halloween was pretty comedic. I was a robot. I used a large grocery box and turned it into a giant robot head and then taped robo buttons onto my black tights and played Daft Punk and did the robot on a slow moving treadmill. I thought it was funny, but it freaked the little kids out and I made multiple children burst into tears. Needless to say I had failed to consider that to a small toddler in an Eskimo village of 170 in the middle of the Bering Sea a giant headed Robot dancing to techno might be just about the most foreign and frightening of all conceivable thoughts. I felt awful and took the costume off after 15 minutes and changed into my back up a ninja which caused far less tears.

Lastly But Not Leastly: I have a really busy Sunday lined up today. I have to clean and reorganize my room after the last week of Halloween madness. I still have to grade all my lab notebooks. I need to write my lesson plans for the week, and I need to get a private yoga sesh in for myself. I've stopped lifting and I think I might go to a 4 days a week yoga schedule.

ALSO!!! SWEET JESUS check out my mother's blog Empty Nester Survival for some absolutely embarrassing photos of myself from Haloween's Past.

And, There are only 3 and a half weeks till Thanksgiving, 6 weeks till my birthday, and 7 weeks till I'm home for Christmas.


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Oh, you haven't seen embarrassing photos yet. Wait until my post on your birthday!

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Cute! I can't wait...

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