Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Update

OVER-WHELMED with so much to do and also so much love for my friends and family.

Musical Artist of the Week: I may be very late in discovering this band for myself and very "sell out" for recommending them but I saw them record three songs on the Sundance Channel's "Live From Abbey Road" and they were farking good. This indi turn techno savvy psychedelic rock band is called MGMT (pronounced Management) and their recent album "Oracular Spectacular" is a poppy and clicky euphoric trip through thoughts that seem to have their finger intimately pressed on the pulse of our youth. I have listened to this album on repeat for about 7 days straight and I highly suggest that you give them a try. Some songs like "Time to Pretend" and "Kids" are the more recognizable ones from the album but my favorite is "Electric Feel" with lyrics like "shock me like an electric eel" it is pure glorious gold.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "ever lovin" This is a nice little additive to any sentence. You must be out yer ever lovin mind!

Whacky Nunivacky Weather: We've been fluctuating sometimes up to 40 degrees lately. February has been dependably variable and has made grocery getting and flight arrivals at the airport very sporadic. Hopefully I'll get off on Friday for my Anchorage trip. Giant snow drifts are all around and this morning I awoke to the house shaking from the wind. We are picking up 5 min and 9 seconds of light a day and the moon looks gigantic as it grows towards fullness over the horizon. Today is absolutely stunning with a piercing cold and sparkling sun that made me sneeze when I went to throw Foster the frisbee.

Featured Blog of the Week:
This is the best sunday read in all the land. The Post Secret Blog is a weekly installment of postcards that get sent to this person as part of a project/book they make where people anonymously divulge their secrets just to communicate them to the world. When you read it, you feel like you're not as messed up as some people and you also feel very included into the real problems of people that are just like you.

This week in the Mail:
Had some very special packages arrive this week.

A care package from Chris, Jen, Alex and Maddisen that included some games, postcards from a first grade class and lots and lots of smiles. THANKS YOU GUYS!
A relief Package from my friend Koop. Reeses, rolos, beef jerky, Corn Nuts, WSU Evergreen School Newspapers, a Mad Magazine, a Sudoku book, handmade mazes and other awesome items provided me with lots of time killing implements and enjoyment. Thanks Koop, you are a badass!

More bills bleh!
Burned Cd's and letter to Sydney in response to her awesome package last week.
Resume, Reference Letters and other articles to TPSD.

Lastly but Not Leastly: I'm at one of these points in life where the amount of shit so drastically outweighs my time and motivation to do it that I am constantly finding non productive activities to fill my time instead of taking care of things that I should. I've experienced this phenomenon in college and it usually ends with me having to stay up all night at some point to take care of things. Here are some of my favorite activities lately that are completely counter to what I am supposed to be doing. I have ranked them in order from most amount of time spent doing activity to least.

#1 Tiger Woods Golf 2009 on xBox360. I already won a season FedEx Tour Cup Championship (like 40 18 hole courses) and I've upped the difficulty and started a new season...I'm pathetic.
#2 Practicing to be a famous rock star on my ukulele. I've written a few new songs and recovered some old ones "I Love You" and "Pick It Up" as well as a Old Crow Medicine Show cover song. I love playing my songs and melting them into one another and finding out the best set list order of my future gigs.
#3 HBO, Showtime, and the Sundance Premium Channels. Be it shitty movies, Big Love, Flight of the Conchords, United States of Tara, Secret Diaries of a Call Girl, Championship Boxing, Iconoclasts, or Live from Abbey Road, I am seriously addicted to premium programs (mainly because I like my tv with swearing, sex, drugs and rock and roll).
# 4 Making Mix CD's and letters for people. I spend a lot of time on a Mix CD, just like High Fidelity I craft them and put my whole personality into them.
#5 Fruit Chef. Since I saw a "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain where they used the inside of tomatoes like caviar I have been getting really creative with fruit. I finally got $239 worth of groceries and most of it was fruits and vegetables. Did you know that if you don't eat fruit for like 2 months when you finally do it tastes like jesus' love in a bottle? Well I was making a fruit salad and had all th fruit cut up on the counter in front of me...and I just snapped. I started wolfing down huge chunks of bananas and grapefruit, apples and oranges, tundra berries. I had fruit dripping down my beard like a lion feasting on an antelope carcass and I was so happy. Then like a vampire who had filled his bloodlust I staggered away sedated by all the vitamins and nutrients I had just eaten. SO FUNNY!

And with that very special image I'll leave you for today. Full moon tomorrow so watch out for Zombies or werewolves or weird people ok? I wouldn't wanna lose ya!

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