Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Monday, See What's Become of my Sunday

Monday, Man. I think the district got their money's worth out of this bearded fool today. I wish that I could give an MVT (Most Valuable Teacher) award to myself (With a teacher out I single handedly tutored, fed snacks to, entertained and babysat about 9 students after a whole day of teaching after school at homework club help session till 5:10!). I had an exhausting day but a good one. I worked my butt off but I feel like I did a good job, especially for a MONDAY! Mondays usually suck. And, as promised, I said I would make some new music. I would write more today but, quite frankly, I'm totally wiped out thank you very much.

OH YEAH I ALMOST FORGOT! 1000 RADIATE WARMTH site visits in just over two months that means about 500 views a month right now! Is that a big deal? I'm not sure.

SO fresh off my mind, heart and hands as of 3 hours ago her is a brand new song "Undertow" Its not really Condusive to the good times but I'll put in on the album of that name. The lyrics are directly below the song. Do you lovely readers listen to these songs? I hope you enjoy them and feel free to give feedback!

I pretty sure that I'm being swept below
The current is going strong
And I feel the undertow,

I'm pretty sure that I am falling down
A road I've been before
I know that it might seem that way to anyone

Don't you cry, dry your eyes on me
And maybe I'll come out
on the other side alright
I'll be fine

Can't you just see the sunshine
Coming up over the skyline
Can't you feel the moon tonight
Can't you see it'll be alright

I'm pretty sure that I am moving towards
the back of the bus
And I don't fear anything at all
You watched me go down quickly in the mud

Don't you stray away from me

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