Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekly Update

Last week was the longest short week I've ever had. How bout you?

Musical Artist of the week: Don't anyone out there give me crap...but this week its Euro-Female Hip Hop master MIA from both of her albums "Arular" and "Kala." I saw her this summer and thought she wouldn't be anything special, then I had to secretly hide the fact that I thought she rocked the crowd into a frenzy. Then only recently I heard a song on the Magpie's blog and it sparked a renewed interest. I bought a couple of albums and I have been hooked all week. Also my students love her too. Most of her lyrics are hard to pick out but it all has such a crazy Brit/Afro/Guerilla electro crazy beat that its infectious. Check out this British/Sri Lankan sensation if you dare.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Split Hairs" A good one to use when you disagree with some one in a friendly way. "Well there Ted, on the issue of what is the best truck between Ford and Chevy, we'll just have to split hairs I guess." If we're not all gonna get along we should at least use antiquated metaphors eh?

Kale's Bush Recipe of the Week: Too tired to actually make a real pizza from scratchfor dinner? Too sick of crappy frozen pizzas to eat another bland under-topped value priced pie? Well sport, get what ever stuff you have around the old galley and spice'r up a bit. Try adding these to the top of that shitty freeze burned Red-Baron pizza:

whatever vegetables you can round up (onions, peppers, tomatoes)
some canned pineapples, artichoke hearts or olives,
pepper jack cheeze or other cheese
Hot Topatio sauce or Srirachu Sauce
bacon or ham
grilled chicken

The final step being adding a dipping sauce such as blue cheese or ranch dressing...
or you could just make it the way you always make it you unadventurous wuss.

Readership: Just check out all these dots! Man I can't believe the reach of this goofy little page some times

Weather on Nunivak: Starting to really enjoy the unpredictable fluctuation between beautiful sunshine and torrential downpours that have been happening lately. The clouds are so sporadic and intense, you just never know what it'll be like an hour from now. We mostly fluctuate between mid to upper 40's which always feels warm. My favorite outfit right now is my Crocs with fur liners, giant oversized wool knee high socks, khaki cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and a stocking cap. I'm one big walking contradiction.

Personal Art: I'm probably gonna keep trying to put my music on a separate artist's myspace page under "Kale Iverson Music" right now there is only one song on there but it takes a while and I want to spread my tunes out in a new direction.

Other News: I caught the largest trout of my life yesterday with my friend Joel. We went up to the trout pond and when I hooked it I thought it was a salmon it was so heavy. But it was instead a monster trout! Look for pictures to come.

Fitness: I will attempt (and let me re-iterate 'attempt') trying to get into shape. I'm really interested in getting up early and running instead of drinking 6 cups of coffee. I also might start lifting weights, I'll let you all know how "Fitness Week 1" goes.

Have a great week, I have inservice tomorrow to work on our Site Improvement Plan. Be ware, if your school doesn't pass Annual Yearly Progress you will have to sit in days of meetings writing a "Plan" as to how you will get your school out of the ditch. (The answer being not testing kids on useless crap).

Who's reading this?


hdt said...

I am! Thanks for the shoutout! My goal this school year is to keep my blog going strong and staying fresh, yours is a constant inspiration. Ta, hdt.

alisha said...

i'm always reading...

Jessie said...

i readed it!!!

Syd said...

I am. It's really a daily ritual: wake up, takeshowa, make tea, read Radiate Warmth, somtimes scribble my own thoughts, live life, Fall asleep watching CSI. And then wake up and do it again. :)

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