Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekly Update "I Still Gotta Long Way to Go"

Its Sunday my friends, religious or not, this is a day of rest, reflection, food, peaceful afternoons and good times. I just returned from a students birthday party, with my tail tucked between my legs having lost a NCAA Football 2007 match against the birthday boy in Playstation 2. Even though it was a total blow out, I'll get him yet.

So now I'm sitting hear writing the weekly update, and I have a warm happiness in my heart, and I can't really explain why.

Musical Recommendation of the Week: Run, don't walk, to get Railroad Earth's album "Elko." I had heard good things and a couple of songs of theirs but little did I know that this band would scorch to the top of my favorites ALL TIME list. This live album sounds like a studio record and 4-5 of the songs are 12 min plus jams. Blending Bluegrass, rock, folk and amazing songwriting, this band just takes you to that dreamy part of a song overlooking a bluff of flowers and lets you wander around. Since no one ever responds to my music suggestions I will just say that you are a fool if you don't get this band in your life, it would be like living without eating utensils, they are that important for a basic happy life.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Jeepers Creepers" This one comes right out of the Grampa Wicks handbook. He used to go around singing, "Jeepers Creepers, what about them peepers" I have no idea what it means but it always made me laugh. You can say it in astonishment or disapproval or surprise.

Weather on Nunivak: Well the locals are talking, looks like its gonna be a late spring. I heard some people talking about not seal hunting till May, which apparently is really late. Although we had a nasty storm come in, its now super warm outside. Thats right, the NOAA weather station at our airport is reporting a BALMY 35 deg. F at the moment with a bluster 30-40 mph wind comin right outta the West. All the snow we got has quickly melted away and muddy patches of Tundra are starting to poke through.

Weblink of the Week: The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard. Ever wonder where all your crap comes from? Ever wonder where it all goes? This story/narrated video is a great resource for any teacher to show kids from 4th grade up that teaches us about all our consumerism and material possessions and where they come from and go when we dispose of them. Its very appropriate for those end of the year classes that seem to need something out of the ordinary to keep the attention of wandering minds.

Art Update of the Week: I'm still accepting poems and album title ideas for the poetry song collaboration album I'm working on. Three poems have been submitted, two songs made, and I'm going to work on the next one this evening. Other than that I haven't been doin much, although I feel a great creative force welling up inside of me. I can't wait to see what a change of scenery this summer will do to my playing style.

ClustRmap Update: After some big readership days at the end of this week, RW had the lowest day in a long time yesterday, 16 readers...which is still AWESOME! We keep picking up international readers in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. I'm so curious to hear these people thoughts and contributions to the blog. So if you're an international reader let us meet you! Speak up and spread some global love our way!

BIG UPS: Ever wonder how I get all those dots in Europe and Africa on my map? Well one woman is to thank for most of them. Stephie! This weeks big ups goes to my eternal festival dance partner and her dedication to spreading some global RW. Every country she goes to, if possible, she reads the blog gets me a dot. She also sends me post cards from all over the world which is always exciting up here on Nuniwarmiut. As she finishes up her amazing adventure in Europe I wish her safe travels on her flight home to America. Thanks Safiatu!

Movies to see or NOT: I watched two musical movies this weekend. One I thought I would love and one I didn't think would be very good. I was wrong, oppositely wrong. "Across the Universe" a very fictional movie about the 60's and 70's as seen through the eyes of several stylized youths constantly breaking into Broadway Musical style renditions of Beatles songs was so intolerable at times that I had to bring a garbage can near to me in case of a revulsion response of vomit. The graphics were very creative at times but the highlight of crappiness was when BONOR...I mean BONO from U2 (worst band ever) made a mockery of the Ken Kesey character and then miraculously broke into a very BONO rendition of some crappy Beatles song and then magically went back into character afterwards. I almost threw my Computer out the window. Be sure to enjoy the horrible impersonations of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin as well. I felt embarrassed to consider myself a hippie after watching this movie.

The only savior of the weekend was "A Prairie Home Companion." Another fictional musical about the popular weekend live music comedy show radio show created by Garrison Keillor. An all star cast of Meryl Streep, Lilly Tomlin, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, John C. Reilly, Kevin Klein and GK himself made this movie a delight to watch. My grandparents used to make tapes of "Lake Wobegon" for us to listen to as kids and we would always laugh our butts off. This movie was amazing and made me feel more American.

PODCAST OF THE WEEK: APM's A Prarie Home Companion "The News from Lake Wobegon" by Garrison Keillor. I downloaded like 15 podcasts right after watching PHC and have been listening to them nonstop reliving my child hood. I recommend the March 8, 2008 episode all about Flatulence.

Last Thoughts: I'm still waiting on word from my mom and brother as to how the Elton John concert they attended last night in podunk Pullman Washington was. I'm sad I had to miss the always notorious Mom's Weekend at WSU. I'm sure it was really fun.

Some other things have been dawning on me lately. Music. Music. Music. I just feel like I have found something religious in music. Its something I can't imagine my life without it. I can't wait to see how much more I'll learn by the time I'm older.


Brandon said...

FRANTI! NICE!! I have a hotel suite downtown if you want to bunk up. What days will you be there?

Brandon said...

you should shoot me an email at or call sometime this week

Hal said...

First of all, for all those offended by my brothers explanation of Across the Universe, do not worry, you are not alone. My brother has some personal issues with the beatles, and I don't think he ever gave the movie a chance. Yeah Bono sucked, but I thought it was kind of cool how they portrayed Kesey as a egotistical, ass. I think he probably was, despite creating a very cool movement, he had to be very into himself in order to do what he did. The movie was very visually and musically entertaining. Get over it Kale!
On a much happier note, Elton was awesome! He opened with Funeral for a Friend (mom cried, its her favorite), he played all the fav's for 2 hours and 40 minutes. He ended with your song (moms first elton song) It was a great night and a great weekend, ideal moms weekend! Ill call you with details.

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

I won't I won't I won't. I don't care if I'm being juvenile. I CAN'T STAND THE BEATLES. And I'm tired of pretending like there is something wrong with me. Also, I see your point about Kesey. I'm just saying that BONOR sucked at acting period. And it wasn't even that seen, I couldn't tell whether I was watching a movie or "RENT" on broadway half the time. The truth is, I built myself up tooooo much for this movie and was totally let down. Maybe its a good movie, and I'm a un hip old curmudgeon but I can't help my reaction. It like when you walk into someone's house who has a bad "family" smell. Its not their fault, it doesn't make them bad people, but it still smells bad. Across the Universe (although well intentioned) STUNK!

Susan Iverson said...

First of all, I refuse to get in the middle of this sibling spat over "Across the Universe".
Second of all, Elton John is over 60 years old and still was jumping off his piano and going non-stop for almost 3 hours giving all of us Mom's in Pullman something to talk about for a very long time. You can say what you want about Elton John but he is a class act. He repeatedly thanked everyone at the concert (we were an awesome crowd) and he even spent 5 minutes signing autographs for the people in front. Yes, I got teary eyed at the first song because it was jsut so special for me. It would only have been better if you had been there with us. I think even you would have been impressed.

positivelystephie said...

i got big ups'' yipeee... and here will be my final dot for budapest hungary.. as it is my last stop i know it means i am closer to summer and closer to dancing next to you. i really think me being in europe and you being way up there adding skype has brought us closer then ever' very happy to chat with you in person really soon.. much love and warm from crazy Hungary

Hal said...

Kale, I downloaded some Praria home companion Podcasts, holy isht they are good. I remember listening to Lake Wobegon when we were little. its a great blast from the past, but he is still so articulate and such a fun story teller. Thanks for the reminder!

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