Sunday, March 2, 2008


Musical Artist of the Week: For the first time in Radiate Warmth History I AM RE ELECTING a band because the artist of the week is who I'm rocking at the MOMENT. And right now they're the best band in the world to me. YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND. yesssssssssss soooooo gooooood. If you didn't check em out the first time I said so, I'm laying down the law. Monday after work buy, cheat, borrow or steal some Yonder and I don't want to hear anything about your life until you do. This band is a life changing experience.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Monkey Business" as in NO MORE MONKEY BUSINESS. This one is pretty self explanatory, "Knock that monkey business off right now or I'll turn this Gosh Dang car right around!"

Weather On Nunivak: 12 mph wind coming out of the ENE 12 deg F with a windchill of -2 clear skies and a good amount of snowdrift. Sunlight is really coming up nice lately.

Book of the Week: "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart I just started this rad book all about how physics theory is expanding to include the spiritual realm and the fact that we keep breaking things down but we can only separate things to energy and all of life is a giant energy field that we exist in and can also effect (just like energy bombs in anchorage right!?)

Weblink of the week: Not to be a cop out, but I'm gonna say its a bunch of links, I recently added a lot of other blogs that I read to my link list (at the bottom). If I didn't include yours it was either because I wasn't sure if you wanted me to or not. If you want yours added I'll happily do it, or I'll remove yours if you don't want it.

ARRRRRRRRT Update: I've been making a song here or there, Student Art Society went really well this last week (See post below), I'm making music mixes for friends and I'm still working on Leonard K. Humple

ClustrMap Update: Radiate Warmth recently went global reaching all continents except Antarctica. I average between 20 and 30 readers a day and have had 605 hits since February 9th! Way to go you guys, I'm so proud of all my readers representing!

BIG UPS: This is a new feature where I give someone props in my life for being awesome. This week's big ups goes to Erin in Oscarville for getting her kids to blog also! Viva la revoluccion! We need more teachers to go out on a limb and try something new, because the old arse ways of school will no longer work and it is time to take it to a new level. Big Ups E!

Last Thoughts: What a lazy weekend I had. I watched a really awesome movie called Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Its a very messed up movie directed by Tom Tykwer who also did Run Lola Run and The Princess and the Warrior. Watch out though, this one isn't for the kiddies but it is soooooooo good.

Have a great week everybody, peace love and light!

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