Sunday, October 21, 2007


Its getting to be that part of the experience up here in Alaska where memories set in. I seem to have the thoughts frequently throughout the day. Maybe its because of the music. Songs have such a powerful effect on the memory. Its not like a movie or even a photograph. A song can bring up a hole host of memories for which that song was present during your life. I thought I might be able to explain some of the these songs and their memories for me.
When I hear James Brown "I feel Good" I remember riding in the backseat of the family subaru listening to the "Good Morning Vietnam" soundtrack and singing every lyric with my brother.
When I hear Radiohead "Kid A" I remember the countless nights driving my own Subaru around Gig Harbor on weekends with my friends looking for something to do. Usually ended up at AMPM to get energy drinks and .99 cent chicken sandwiches.
When I hear Flowmotion "Wild Eyes" I remember the countless shows where I sang that song at the top of my lungs with my favorite friends.
When I hear David Gray "Babylon" I remember specific nights spent with certain girls.
When I hear Jack Johnson at all I get taken directly to summer, pick one.
When I hear Xavier Rudd or John Butler Trio I remember laying on Trinity Beach in Australia with my friends and jumping in the waves.
When I hear Yonder Mountain String Band I think about the String Summit and High Sierra and hammocks.
When I hear Dave Matthews Band I think about being at Younglife functions feeling out of place.
When I hear Daft Punk "Better Harder Faster Stronger" I remember senior prom at Emerald Downs begging the DJ to play it so that Sean, Morgan, Rainen, Roshni, Emily, Duggan and I could dance to at least one good song at our prom.
When I hear Metallica "Enter Sandman" I think of the football locker room right before a Friday night kick off.
When I hear Belle and Sebastian I remember laying on the floor at Rachel's house feeling awakened and etherial.
When I hear Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" I think of my old room in the 105th St. House.
When I hear Nirvana "Smells like teen spirit" I think of Middle School Dances where the Principal shut the song off to discourage moshing.
When I hear "Regulators" by Warren G and Nate Dogg I think of riding the Baseball team bus home from an away came.
When I hear Michael Franti I remember a roadtrip from Cairns to Townsville with my Ozzie friend Heath in Queensland.
When I hear Van Morrison I feel like I'm in love just for a little moment.
When I hear Jimmy Buffet I think of house sitting on Salmon Beach.
When I hear that spanish song "Gasolina" I remember New Years Eve in Valpraiso watching the fireworks destroy the sky with my brother and Bodega.
When I hear Bon Jovi (which is hopefully rarely) I remember Cougar football Saturday for some reason.
When I hear Bob Dylan I think of what possibility there is out there.
When I hear the Beatles I want to throw up.
When I hear The Dead "Uncle John's Band" I wish I had an "Uncle John"
When I hear "The Weight" by the Band I feel it.
When I hear "Goin' Up the Country" by Canned Heat I think of Woodstock.
When I hear "I've had the time of My Life" I think of Dirty Dancing and how under no circumstances do you ever, ever, ever put baby in the corner.
When I hear Kylie Minogue I think of washing dishes with Mason in our Oak St. apartment.
When I hear Jimi Hendrix I think of my Dad playing guitar on Sunday mornings.
When I hear Elton John I think of my Mom driving in her car.

So many songs have ruled my life. Songs are what I want to remember. Do you have any songs that evoke specific memories in your life? You should comment on this blog about it. Maybe its a song that reminds you of something we did. Maybe its a song that reminds you of something happy or heartbreaking. Either way let me know. Someday you wonderful people who read this will actually answer. And for all of you who already do I expect certain songs from you so you better deliver. Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

You are so right about music evoking memories of life. My first recollection of any music at all was watching my sister singing "Little Mary Sunshine" on stage when I was 7 years old thinking it was beautiful. I didn't really get into my own music until later when I would play 45's (yes, I am dating myself) in my downstairs room on Day Island signing every word to songs like "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin and "Time of the Season". For some reason, I don't have a lot of memories of music in highschool other than musicals like The Sound of Music, one of yoru favorites! But then there is college. BTO "Taking Care of Business" was always playing when getting ready for whatever Saturday night had to offer. Then, there was always Elton John's "Your Song" whenever some guy broke my heart. When I went to Germany I found two cassette tapes and played them endlessly. The Rolling Stones "Angie" and Procal Harum of all things. I can remember so well sitting all alone in my dorm room in Germany not yet knowing any of the wonderful friends I was destined to meet and listening over and over again to songs I would not normally have listened to. My musical horizons have been expanded twice in my life. The first was my introduction to Jimmy Buffet. His travels documented in song through Montana were the inspiration for the most wonderful honeymoon of camping, following his lyrics along the way. I also remember introducing nephews to the world of Jimmy Buffet riding in the Datsun pick up to and from fishing trips. I don't think they necessarily appreciated it then but they do now. Then, you, my dear, opened my eyes to a whole new world of music including Bjork, Sigor Ros, Kings of Convenience and most recently I have enjoyed a wonderful CD out of Alaska's Nunivak Island community by a new artist sure to cause a stir on the airwaves soon. Thanks for bringing this up and allowing me to reminisce along with you. Love, Mom

Halsky said...

Songs/artist that remind me of sittin gin Kales room on 105th st:
Greenday-early stuff
Adam Sandler- any
Jerky Boys- any
Alanis Morroset- why kale why
The family Values Tour CD- again why kale why.
Chumbawumba-Tubthumper- why Hal why
Beach Boys- Pet Sounds- thank god

Outkast Love below/speakerboxx- senior year of high school- all of it

any Inti-Illamani/ Los Jaivas- chile

bruce Springsteen- Conor Ryan

Air-Talkie Walkie- my brother

Rusted root and Hugh Mandell- riding shotgun in Kales car...mostly around gig harbor and tacoma

Beta Band- Kale...ridng up to the Snoqualamie, damn you, you got me everytime.

those are a good start...Im actually in the middle of class, so I Should go. I love you bro!

Mr. Iverson said...

Ah! You've exposed some of the musical skeletons in my closet. So embarrassing. Oh well we can't all be perfect. You left out some though! I remember listening to a lot of No Doubt in middle school. Also, I was so pumped about getting a Spin Doctors cassette tape for selling magazines for fundraiser. The whole album "Semi Charmed Kind of Life" reminds me of 8th grade graduation cruise. So there! I am human.

Anonymous said...

Well without embarrassing myself too much, lets just say songs of the late 80's early 90's stand-out. My teen songs and Chris's teen songs are very different from one another and really should only be shared in times of when extreme laughter is needed. However, as we've 'matured' together, we have many more songs in common with each other. Singing in the Rain. Is one of our favorites. Oklahoma, the whole musical of course! :O)
And if anyone TRULY knows us, they know how WE feel about Jimmy Buffett. Thank goodness for your parents and their passion of the big JB. One song that stands out for all of us would be Little Miss Magic. We were coming home from the dr.'s (rt after we found out we were having Maddie), Chris and I both began to tear up. To this day, when the song comes on, we both shed a tear. Maddie now knows the song and often will request it. Our favorite memory of Alex first singing JB was at the airport flying back from one of our trips to Florida (he must have been 4 or 5 years old at the time), he was singing. Let me start the song for you, 'why don't we get dr_ _ _ and...' Chris had to 'explain' to him the song and why it wasn't the best thing to be singing in public! Last year we took our 'keets' with us to Las Vegas to see JB. It was the most amazing thing to watch them get so excited to see him, to sing his songs and to enjoy the audience! I know one song that isn't my memory, but Chris is helping to make it a memory for the kids. I guess grandma Wicks would sing it (??) when tucking him into bed-'now run along home, jump into bed, say your prayers and cover your head. These very same things, I say unto you, you dream of me and I'll dream of you...' In our house, every night is filled with the three of them going through the routine of singing that song to one another. Its a simple sweet memory that will hopefully be past to their children! Speaking of which, my three babies need to be tucked in!
Good night and enjoy your time to the fullest!

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are definently alot of songs that evoke emotions/memories for me. I remenber the first time I ever heard "Hey Joe". I stopped dead in my tracks, my jaw on the floor. I just remember thinking that I didn't know music could sound like that. That song brings me back every time!

Next off would be Woody Guthrie "You Are My Sunshine" and my mom softly singing me to sleep as a child.

When I hear Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" it reminds me of traveling back from AMF, making the long trip home to only stay for a moment of sleep before hitting the road again, traveling to see Willie. I just remember never wanting to go home again. To just be out on the road, wandering with my friends, making music.

Van Morrison "Into the Mystic" God, it makes me wish he wrote that song for me. I've gone through life always wanting someone to rock my gypsy soul.

Sublime-any of it-
Reminds me of one summer in particular. My best friend and I had nothing better to do than drive through Washington in his convertable, wandering through the hills, looking for new swimming holes.

"Freedom Club" by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum reminds me of how scared I was when I saw them. They came out in dresses with shotgun holes through the middle of their stomachs, blood everywhere. They started with this song. Holy crap, they know how freak everyone out with music. Plus the lyrics of this song really speak his disgust with the current state of the world.

Bruce Springsteen's Seeger Sessions reminds me of camping out in the middle of nowhere. All of us crammed into the shanty, dancing, while our friends played wonderful bluegrass into the night.

And finally, whenever I hear Lucinda Williams "Are You Alright"...

I think of you.

Anonymous said...

Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Music always evokes memories from certain stages of my life. Especially because when I get into something I listen to it 24/7 for a few days,weeks,months.

Crimson and Clover has gone down as Fox Island sunset and Subaru and summer 2005. That was so long ago already!

I hope you're having fun in Alaska. Look out for some mail!


stephie said...

i have been thinking about this one for a while!! i knew you didn't have internet, so i thought i had more time...
And last night while watching flowmotion (i can't stop thinking about you when ever i am watching josh sing his heart out on stage!) It reminded me again of how much music beings me places, and of course how flomotion brings me you.
wild eyes of course..

I am bad at knowing names of songs and who sings them.. but i will do my best
When i hear life is a highway (and i want to ride it all night long) i am 16 again in my best friends T-bird riding around town, being young!
When i hear the wieght by the band.. appalachian trail! slickB played it at an open mic and 10 of us sang along, then later on the trail, at merlefest, bob wier, waybacks, sam bush, and gillian welsh played it again!
sweet home alabama also the AT this time in TN mullet hunting at a night club with miss janet.. and dancing with a guy named mule. Living in the woods for 3 months makes so much of what you say about things being funnier, sweater, tasting better, a simple life.. something i can really understand.
when i hear yonder play how about you.. i think of you.. and my myspace page, because it is the theme song to my life.
When i here dave mathews play "i'll back you up" i think of my old boyfriends.. and how now i choose better ones!
when i hear bird house in your soul by TMBG i think about driving around in my old rabbit! singing as loud as i could.
restless wind.. i think of hiking in Wyoming with taylor.
Voodoo lady by ween.. i am in a hammock on a beach in thialand, singing to rony.. and thinking.. wow i have the best life ever.
I still think that..
and it is because of people like you..

Jessie said...

When I hear America by Simon and Garfunkal I think driving to Canada for the first time and hanging out with a guy named KC who forever sang that song then would follow with "If I ran America" which in all reality was a spoof on "If I Ran The Zoo"..... But I remember the driving most of all.... Up and down I5.... mmmhhhmmmm!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi kale,

it's brianne, charisse's sister, and i love this one! -- made me smile and think about all the songs that remind me of parts of my life. hope all is well.


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