Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daily Weather Report

Someone has requested a daily weather report and a possible tour of my village. I will start with the weather reports which I think is a good idea and give a village tour later when I have more time.
Today we've had on and off snow showers, about 4 inches so far and 2 pm, its currently 28 deg. F and 17 with the windchill. I would describe the weather as "Arcticky" but not frigid. I got some snow stuck in my beard earlier when I walked down to the store at lunch. The clouds give way frequently to let the sun shine through. But, we have a saying out here "If you don't like the weather then just wait a minute." Its completely true.

Thats the weather for today. I will be watching college football for a while. Bioja!


Anonymous said...

Ha! snow in your beard..does that make your chin cold? Kauai has the same saying about the rain, torrential down pours are not rare, but rarely last more than 3 minutes. It's cool...hope the weekend is treating you well, talk to you soon.

halsky said...

Hey bro, I just watched this years Warren Miller film, Playground. It was so cool and exciting, now I'm all reved up for ski season. I think we should tear it up when your home for winter break!!! Hey they had some skiing in Alaska, and they said that the Inuit people have 2000 words for snow! Hot dog!

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