Sunday, January 6, 2008


Thats right boys and girls the weekly update has returned. Radiate warmth will feature some new additions to the weekly update. Here are they are:

MUSICAL ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Devendra Banhart "Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon" This is the newest album from the person who may be hailed as the next most important songwriter of all time. This album is a fusion of Victor Jara and Latin infused bepop and guitar music. Quite frankly it is impossible to explain how prolific this album is. I hope you take these suggestions seriously because I highly recommend this album. I got it for my brother for Christmas, that is how much I love it.

OLD PHRASE OF THE WEEK: "My Moses, Mary and Joseph." This can be used when something is shocking, upsetting or inappropriate. Next time someone farts simply convey your dismay by saying "My Moses, Mary and Joseph that smells bad"

CURRENT WEATHER ON NUNIVAK: The is 25 mph wind causing a -27 deg. F temp w/ the windchill. We also got some snow over break and there are significant snow drifts piling up.

ART UPDATE: With three albums finished, "I Need Life" and"A Whisper Wind" and "Tundroptica" I have already started work on the next set of songs. I will try to make this the most musically tight, summer friendly music to date. I've already completed one song called "Conducive to Good Times" I will continue to send music to those who inquire by email so don't be bashful!"

WEB LINK EXPLANATION (NEW FEATURE!!!): You'll notice 19 links and growing on my page. I always wonder if anyone uses them so each week I'll explain them to you so that you might be interested in visiting them.
This weeks link is: You've probably noticed some odd pictures up on my website lately. They are by this amazing artist. He has all of his paintings archived on his site and I hope you check them out. His work is anatomically psychedelic and political in the good way.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION (NEW FEATURE!!!): You'll also notice a list of books on my blog, each I will give a short thought on one of these books to try and spark some interest in you goof balls.
This weeks Book: "The Beach" by Alex Garland This amazing book was made into a motion picture of same title. The book has a better ending and really dives deeply into the phenomenon of what is happening to "Backpackers" 'Travellers" "Hippies" and "Bohemians." It is also a love story. Even if you have seen the movie I would recommend reading this book, especially now that the weather is crappy. It will take you to that tropical place for a while.

I HOPE You are all as glad that I am back blogging as I am. I had no idea it would be this important of an avenue of expression. NOW show me that you are still out there. Is anyone still reading? Say hello.


hdt said...

Awesome new features on the weekley update! I'd love to have some of your music. I don't want to put my address on this comment but you can always email me at and I'll send you my address. Seriously Kale, you're making me step up my game on my blog...I need some sort of feature like Weekly update or something. Take care, hdt.

Anonymous said...

nHello! I'm reading... mwahaha.
I look forward to reading your blog everyday.
I don't have easy access to internet now that i've relocated. so it's a huge treat when i end up somewhere with a connection and can check in on you.
Lets be pen pals.??
do you check your Hotmail account?

Beth said...

Hey, guess this is a little late, but Mark and I saw Alex Grey's work in an exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum. Mark loves his work. The exhibit, "All Faiths Beautiful" was really interesting.

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