Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Update 3/16

Although it barely seems like my weekend was a weekend at all, its somehow Sunday yet again. And I'll be damned but I'm not really ready for work/class/life tomorrow. But I'm always ready to spread a little joy and love on a blizzardly (i made that word up) Sunday in the form of a good ol fashioned Weekly Update! Yee haw~!

Musical Artist of the Week: You probably all should have seen this one coming but I'm still rocking out SO HARD to the "Velvet Goldmine" soundtrack. My favorite songs are by this band I thought I somehow missed called "The Venus In Furs." Then I did some research and they are actually a Brittish Super Group including Bernard Butler, Clune (David Gray), Jon Greenwood (RADIOHEAD), Paul Kimble, Andy Mackay and Thom Yorke (RADIOHEAD) on the roster. Another band the "Wylde Ratttz" is actually members of Sonic Youth and other grunge rock legends. So on one hand I'm not so upset that I missed a whole decade and genre of music, but on the other hand I was kind of fooled which put me in my musical place. There are also other amazing songs by Brian Eno, Grant Lee Buffalo, Lou Reed, Placebo and others. I just can't stop listening to psychedelic space rock about fictional bisexual outerspace hero rock stars. So sue me. Check it out and tell me I'm wrong, I dare you, triple dogg dare you.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS" This saying is just flat out hilarious. This is something you say when you see something inappropriate happen. If a flasher exposed himself to you, You could say "My goodnes gracious that was horrible." Or, if someone swears or cusses, "My goodness gracious shut that potty mouth of yours or I'll wash it out with soap!"

Weather On Nunivak: Its spring here on the majestic Nunivak Island...PSYCH! Its freaking blizzarding like a son of a gun out there. 25 mph winds coming directly out of the north, causing a -10 windchill and sideways snow. No planes since the one I miraculously snuck in on. It getting light out till 9:40 now and its messing with my mind.

WebLink of the week: The Celestine Prophecy website I read this book right before I flew to South America to meet my brother to hike to Macchu Picchu. I think the guy who wrote it James Redfield and his wacky wife are both a little off in the head but if you are open minded and take from it the good teachings and leave the crazy stuff there is a lot of really interesting stuff. The website has all their information and where to get the book. But I would just click on the tab for the Insights. Maybe if you're reading this its your time to learn about the Insights! hehehe. Check out this website and make sure you take a grain of salt.

Art Upate: Aaaaaaah I have been slacking. I haven't played guitar for a week and I haven't taken any photos or written my story about Humple or written any poetry. I think, like a building in the forest, I'm being overtaken by creative blocking vines of life's tasks and obligations. I promise I'll pick it up a little bit this week. I did have a student ask me to make them a mix cd of my choosing. I take mix cd's very seriously so I'll have to think on it. If you have any art requests let me know. Songs or drawings or anything. Maybe that could get me going.

ClustRMap Update: By this time tomorrow we will have made over 1000 Radiate Warmth site visits since February 9th. That is sooooo awesome. We need more South American, Asian, Australian, and African readers so keep spreading the word around the world, your thoughts input and support make it worth it!

BIG UPS: You all know her, you all love her comments, thats right, the one who birthed me. Big UPS TO YOU MOM. The care packages this wonderful woman sends me save my life from time to time. There a probably a million things I could give her big ups for but I'm gonna highlight the last international flavors themed Care Package from mom: 1 jar Vegemite (Australia), 1 jar Marmite (Great Brittan), 1 bottle Vietnamese sriracha sauce, two boxes of Tim Tams cookies (Australia), 1 box of Bushnells Australian Tea, two packages of German Chocolate, all of my college alumni magazines, old mail, and a Tom Waits Biography. That right there is a cool mom. MOM Big ups yourself, mad respect and I love you.

Random Old Iverson Pic of the day: This is a picture of me reclining in a tropical Lagoon in Fiji. The water I'm swimming in is non other than the lagoon where they filmed the movie "The Blue Lagoon" I spent a whole day there with a giant smile on my face, my sunburned, zinc covered, tourist assed face.

Iverson Song of the Day:
This one is the last song on the "Conducive to the Goodtimes" Album I'm working on. Its called "Merrily" and its a playful look at an old children's song made even more playful/disturbing by some old photos of me being an idiot.

Last Thoughts: I'm so ready for summer, it has infected me. It looks like I won't be going to High Sierra Music Festival over 4th of July weekend, sooooo does anyone have any awesome plans I can jump on? My parents just got back from Anchorage and they loved it, maybe I'm not crazy Alaska is pretty cool. I can feel these last couple of months are going to be kind of nuts here on the island. Lots of tests for the students to take for the man, lots of assignments due for my college classes for me. Lots of planning and ticket buying and the butterflies are building up and bubbling out of my mouth. I feel like I'm in for one helluva summer. I started thinking about the farther future and I really want to do some traveling soon, global travelling. Maybe after next year I'll be ready to go on an extended adventure. Its sooo hard to stay focused on the fact that life isn't about work and money when you keep working and making money. Sometimes I despise my savings account because it causes possibility problems. Things were so much more simple when I was a broke college student. Growing up can be a bummer. Then I meet great DOJO ninja masters out there kicking the ass out of life at all kinds of ages and I realize I have a lot of rocking left to do. So do you.

Have a great week my friends.

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I'm glad you liked the care package. Now the pressure is on to come up with something better. How am I going to do that? Love, Mom

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