Sunday, March 15, 2009


LinkAnother long weekend of not getting anything done. Oh well.

MUSICAL ARTISTS OF THE WEEK: This week is a double artist all about free internet downloads. I downloaded last years Yonder Mountain String Band Friday and Saturday night sets from the North West String Summit. Saturday night's set (7/20/2008) comes with an extra bonus as Leftover Salmon makes a surprise appearance and plays five songs. Now that I have bought my tickets for this year already I can't even wait to get my root down with some real good friends. You can look up these at so click HERE.

And the return of Phish into the lives of hippies, kids, stoners, and music officianados world wide took place in Hampton New York on the first weekend in march. I downloaded the shows before they started charging for them and it was pretty incredible to hear those guys back on the horse again, better than ever...although I've never seen them. I was really hoping that maybe they'll make it to the west coast this year. March 6.7.8 can be downloaded at or go and click HERE.

"Pardon My French" I don't really know why the french get credit for swearing. American swear almost as much as Aussie's. It should be "Pardon My American English"

WEATHER ON NUNIVAK: I walked out on to the sea ice with my mentor teacher sally. I was nervous a bit but she wasn't, and she's an alaska veteran, so we followed some snow machine tracks figuring if it didn't fall through we wouldn't. We got out a ways. Pretty cool! Right now its still blustery and blowing. They lowered the threat level on Mount Redoubt meaning that its probably not gonna blow...lucky for the residents, unlucky all the Earth Science teachers licking their chops at an awesome moment in geological mystery.

ART UPDATE: Hats Hats Hats and more hats. I'm knitting a lot because its a good activity when your on the phone and I am on the phone a lot these days with my baby! Also I am still practicing a lot of music and working tons of "showmanship" stuff...this may sound weird but I set up a mirror in my room because I realized I may look ridiculous when I play (being as how I'm usually alone in my room) but you know I don't look half as stupid as I thought when I play so maybe there is a shot for me after all.

Here is a rewording and re interpretation to the popular and over played song "Ice Ice Baby" By Vanilla Ice. I have renamed it "Nice Nice Babies"

Alright stop, collaborate and listen
I am back with a brand new intention
Something, grabs a hold of me tightly
Flows like a monsoon daily and nightly
Will it ever stop? I don’t know
Turn off your lights, and we’ll glow
To the extreme live a life you can handle
Life is your stage and watch a chump..
Can you dance? I’m feelin’ this groove
Freeing your mind like a cubinsi mushroom
Heavily, when I play a dope melody,
Anything less than the best ain’t harmony
Love it or leave it you better make weight
Better hit the bullseye cuz we about to play
If there’s a problem We can solve it
Check out the hook while the planet revolves and
Be Nice Nice to the ladies
Ladies Be Nice to your babies
Babies the Earth is sayin save me
Save me Things are lookin hazy

Quick to the joint and the joint is taken
Drinkin martinis stirred not shaken
Runnin hope like you’re quick and nimble
I go crazy when I see ohm symbols,
And funk hat with a salsa tempo
I’m on a roll don’t have to be solo
Rollin in my subaru with the hatch wide open just for you
Girls are on stand by waiting just to stay high
Can you stop or will you go bye
to the tour stop
The Grateful Dead so I precede to be okay
Shakedown Avenue!
Girls were hot wearing their beanies
Rockin the dancefloor like balarinis
Jealous fellas come by
Bob Marley Said
"Every little thing is gonna be alright"
If there’s a problem We can solve it
Check out the hook while the planet revolves and
Be Nice Nice to the ladies
Ladies Be Nice to your babies
Babies the Earth is sayin save me
Save me Things are lookin hazy

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Empty Nester Survival, although I highlight this blog every now and then, I think my mom has great blog. You should check it out! Its got a cool theme, a cool outlook on life and cool lady behind it. Love you mom! Click HERE

Big Love: Oh my god, has anyone been watching this show! It is getting outrageous, murders, conspiracy, polygamy greatness at its finest.
The "L" Work: Who the Hell killed Jenny! I can't figure it out, these lesbians really have a crazy crazy world and I'm really upset that this is the first season I've ever watched, I may have to go back and start from the beginning.
Flight of the Conchords: After a bit of a slow start this show has really started to get funny, Bret (brit) and Jermaine (jimaine) are falling on hard times, learning about hair gel, and really really making some hilarious new zealand infused music.
United States of Tara: A new personality has surfaced and I think this show is shaping up to really be a new front runner favorite of mine. Lots of messed up social commentary in a backdoor suburban way.
East Bound and Down: Kenny Powers, ex baseball star, steroid and drug user, tries to make his way back to fame in suburban america as an atrocious midde school PE careful lots of swear words and definitely for the grown ups. I actually almost spit my soda out I was laughing so hard.
Jimmy Fallon Late night: YUCK! Where is conan already, I love Jimmy Fallon but his show is not good. I never thought I would say this but they should have given the job to Carson Daly.

I was watching Dana Carvey's newest stand up special on HBO and he had a rap on how sometimes he gets "A Case of the Fuck Its." I have to say I am currently get this myself. Its so hard to stay focused when your heart is somewhere else. I have so much to do and I just keep playing video games, watching tv, knitting and playing ukulele. Damn it get yourself together man!

ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don't step on a crack or you'll break your momma's back!


But you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette

Crack Kills...

Hope this Cracked You Up...ok I'll stop.


suzyeQzee said...

Cant wait to hear the song in person, love the new lyrics. It was good to talk to you on speakerphone last night, but it was bitter-sweet because it made me wish you were with us.
much love,

Syd said...

you're lucky you get to play video games and knit hats and watch yer programs! I have to GO GO GO GO and I'm drooling all the while and zoning out almost completely, like a zombie on a mission (do they have missions?). I feel like people at work are getting sick of me being so lovespun all the time, I forget where I am, My teachers probably just think I'm stoned or trippin haha. the cat's outa the cage! it's running wild!! I have no idea what I'm trying to say.. see??!

p.s. Be careful please. walk behind someone (about 2-3 yards)if you go walkin out onto the ocean kay? KAY!


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