Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday From Hell Update

My students have dissapointed me greatly. I don't even know how to express my feelings right now. I hope they know how unbelievably immature and childish they are being. I can't believe the complete inability to see the forest from the trees. I guess I'm supposed to be understanding but maybe I just refuse to accept that this behavior lately is normal. I can't even go into it, but all I know is that if they don't watch it they are going to step in a pile of shit that they may never clean from their boots. Heed Warning you little buggers. That being said, Heres some positive updates.

Musical Artist Update: Neil Young's newish album "Prairie Wind" is really rather spectacular. I feel like I can hear the closing of a life in his every word and its not a sad thing. Each song carefully crafts a memory about "A Painter" or a dream or "This old Guitar." This album gives me hope that I can still turn out substantial music when I am nearing the sunset of life. I have been waking up to this wonderful album everyday with my coffee and classroom work before the devil freak babies arrive.

NEW BLOG FEATURES!!!!! So I added some new banners to the side bar. The banner allows you to play a quick game and by doing so donates a malaria net to children in Africa. A Click a Day donates food enough for one meal by simply clicking on it every day you could feed a lot of people in no time at all. The last one is a International loan website banner that shows third world people looking for loans that you can help sponsor to get out of poverty through honest hard work (they have 99% pay back rate). So check out all these cool visual links that really could do some good in no time at all!

Things I'm loving: My brand new galoshes! I just bought a pair of shiny black rainboots and they rule! Also, phone calls from best friends! So uplifting to hear from them. I'm also loving and embracing my "Native" accent. I can't help it, it just bubbles up constantly. Loving my bright white freaky sunglasses. I used to have a pair just like them and it is so damn bright here that I just love to put them on and hide behind them. I also love the Aminor chord in the Key of C. It has changed my world. I'm also loving my Ringing Cedars pendant! It makes me feel better for some reason knowing that its collecting all my cosmic goodness and giving it back to me in times of need. I'm also loving the blog love! 80 hits yesterday you hard core mother SHUT your mouth, you're all some bad mamma jammas. Also, I've renewed my love for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Ginger Ale.

Things I despise: Walking on the snow then amazingly breaking through down to my knees. Nothing frustrates me more than my inability to step 2 feet down into slush (thus boots). I also have major problem with the idiotic and ignorant language of my students i.e. "Fag" "Homo" "Retarded" and "Gay." I had one student call the internet connection "Lesbian" today. I was shocked and felt sorry for the lack of awareness that he had. I also despise thievery. I hate people who steal, it is farking deplorable. I also hate not knowing who my principal is going to be next year.
Music Update: Will Pearson's poem "Fragile Things" turned into song has gotten almost 2000 plays on my music website! Oh my god! It in the top 50 of the Folk Rock genre charts and in the top 1000 for the whole site thanks to everyone! Way to go y'all. I'm also soooo pleased with a new song I just wrote called "Its been a long time" all about the coming spring.

I don't have much else to update. I needed to blog to some good music and be centered because days like today have deeply saddened me about the progress that can be wiped out in education by student's self destructive and moronic choices. I will just try to go back tomorrow and start all over. I don't think students read this much anymore but if you are one right now, and you made some decisions lately that didn't feel good afterward, you need to know that you are out of control and you need to take some time to reflect on what you're doing to those around you. I hope the best for all my students, but even I have to draw the line at plain wrong sometimes, youth aside. Get it together already.


Mark said...

Hey Hey Man,

I have to admit I have a habit of latching on to songs that I like and playing them over and pver and over again, simply repeating them. I definitly got a kick out of Fragile Things, not to mention the constant refreshing of your website to listen to it. I hope I haven't skewed your statistics too much.:)

Reese-E said...

my blog is jealous of your blog. i want that many readers!! lucky. and reese's peanut butter cups are AWESOME. could be because they're named after me. who knows. ;) have a great weekend!

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