Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Song Lyrics to a song I wrote called "Where did I go"

How shall I be? If I’m nothing. I don’t know but I’ll be coming back real soon.
Where did I go? I don’t know. When will I get back? I’ll never know.
Where shall I stay? Does it matter anyway? Cuz I won’t be at your door.
I don’t know where I’m headed for But I sure know where I’ve been.
Don’t know where I’ve been But I sure know where I’m headed for.
I’m headed for a place near you.
Where will I go? I’ll never know. I will never know until I get there.
Where shall I be? If its not with you and me, I don’t want to go.
I know I seem far away. Just close your eyes my friend and there I will remain.
You can dream of you and me on a distant beach far away.
What can I say to comfort you anyway? If I got nothing that’ll make you feel better.
So I say this now, “I’ll be there somehow.” Before the end of your life I will be better.
Where did I go? I don’t even know. But mama, I’m coming home again real soon.
I’ll be coming back real soon my dear. Don’t you even fear.
Because now is the time for tears. Now is the time for laughing. Now is the time for crying. Hurting and dying, Coming and going, Twisting and froeing.
Without even knowing whether to keep going down the river bend,
I don’t want to lose you my friend. But it will be that way in the end.
Where do we go? We’ll never know. I’m sure its gotta be like a summer day.
Can I say for sure? No, but if I could I would. If I even knew that I wouldn’t want to know it. Thank you for listening now, I hope it calms you life down.
Hope you take a slower walk in the woods.
If I could see the future, I would throw it on the water.
Cuz, I like not knowing what’s gonna happen.
What's gonna happen? I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure its gonna be great.


stephie said...

i love you!
Dereck and Racheal and so many more all went to see darkstar Or. last night at the showbox.. we talked about you.. you were missing.. you are missed..
until next summer

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. You are a very special person to alot of people. Don't forget that.

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