Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Special Birthday Weekly Update (late)

Today is My birthday. This always seems to bother me usually. But I think its because I'm used to being the center of attention regularly and now as I sit in my chair at my teacher desk in a school on an island in the Bering Sea alone. Here I am not the center of anyone's attention, I am the perimeter of everyones consciousness. Today I like my birthday if only because people have been paying a little more attention to me then they normally do, and for the first time in a while that makes me happy.

So after I got stuck in a crappy Bethel Bush Airline Airport for three days (my butt is still sore from sitting) I finally made it back to my little slice of heaven, only one week ago I couldn't wait to get off this rock and for the last 3 days all I could think about is how badly I want to get back. Then, once I got back the internet was down. Now it is up, the day is looking up, the sun is up and going with the trend, maybe I need to go buy a 7-up. No caffeine though, whats the use in that for a teacher?

MUSICAL ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Bjork "Post"I found this album along with a really old Built To Spill album at the "Cultural" Fair in a African American Dude's used cd bin, 2 for $5. It is one of the most popular albums of hers, I saw her live at Sasquatch Festival this summer but wasn't too impressed. But, I am impressed by this awesome album that reminds me that an "Army of Me" is a formidable force. Don't forget, these artist of the week not only clue you into to what Kale is listening to but are also suggestions for you to go out and get for yourself. Music will heal your every emotional need.

Old Person Phrase of the week: "Gets my goat" This phrase is inter changeable with "ticks me off" and can make a good laugh out of a stressful situation.

WEATHER REPORT : The weather on the island is mild, cool (30 deg F), and calm this week. Definitely the calm after the storm. After the snow and a rain a weird phenomenon took place, now the entire town street system is like one over skated ice rink. I'm hoping it is like this when its time for me to go home for Christmas so that there will be no worries.

ART PROJECT UPDATE: I just wrote a new song last night, I think it will be the last of my new album "A Whisper Wind." I'm glad I give it away for free otherwise I'd be worried about the two covers on the album. I need to do the album art before I get back to Washington so that the album is "Truly" complete.

The new song is called "Run to Make a Difference." Here are the lyrics:

I don’t know where I am here anymore.
I got this vibration it keeps rollin on.
I never knew I could feel this strong before.
So I say to you, gotta get right out in this world and explore.
And, you gotta open doors for other people now.
You gotta show the energy some how.
And you gotta run to make a difference,
And you gotta run to make a change,
And you gotta run if you don’t things will stay the same.
And you gotta go right now,
And if you don’t things will keep on getting worse like they are.
You gotta stop thinking about yourself and your god damn car.
Your leaving scars across the land.
Your forgetting about your hands.
They should be turning out and helping others,
And you can do it too.
Don’t you feel like there is something more?
I feel like we are all destined to a greater place,
Like we thought we should be before.
You gotta make a change.
You gotta keep on goin’
You gotta run to make a difference,
And if you don’t there will be a world of indifference, nothing, apathy.
Apathy, it laughs at me, and now every corner I turn
I can see the world is burning down and I don’t want to see it anymore.
It is making me feel like I’ve never felt before.
It is making me want to scream at the top of my lungs.
And so I will never keep on going on against the sun.


hdt said...

Happy Birthday Kale!
I would love a copy of your album. And I appreciate the nod to Bjork. I love her, don't know so much about Medulla (the no-instruments, just voice album) but still I like her.

alisha said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

I'm glad to hear you had a good birthday. Have a great day and keep that smile on.

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