Friday, March 7, 2008

SWEATPANTS FRIDAY: New Song and Old Pics

Well its overalls Friday, but I'm not sure I'm even gonna leave the house today. I could go get some mail but its stormy out and 45 deg! I'm in my sweatpants and I think I'm gonna be a real vegetable today. To make up for it I made you all a double whopper with cheese post today, a song and some old photos hope you enjoy.

UPDATE: I did leave the house. I sun bathed in full gear on the top of a snow pile outside my house. Got a care package from my mom at the post offic and went to the store, and dammit, I'm wearing overalls!

The song is only a couple weeks old the pics are ancient! Remember to turn off the music player before you get started, let me know if there are any problems.

The song is "Don't You Cry For A Ramblin' Man" Here are the Lyrics

Don't You cry for a ramblin' man thats all I am
Don't You cry for a ramblin man thats all I am

Honey don't you know there are no ways,
You're hopping on the back of this train
Going down the road on my own way
Always been pretty sure I'll be that way


Had some good times,
Why don't we leave em there in our minds
Why do we got to cloud the here and now
With the way things could be somehow


Here are some really old photos from 2005 at the KZUU studios at the top of the Compton Union Building at Washington State University from our FM radio show "The Triumvirate Radio Show" My radio name was DJ Toadstool and my cohosts were Brett Ortgeisen a.k.a. "MoonDoggy" and Richard Kelm or "DJ Pabst." Look at that short beard! We mostly spat hippie propaganda and played the weirdest possible music we could find including african drumming, ancient bluegrass, underground hip hop, and jam bands. The music was important but we really just liked to talk on the air, the show was super late at night and I don't think we ever had more that 10 listeners but it was really fun. One time a listener said he was going to come up to the studio and strangle us with a phone cord. Brett was good at getting the listeners going. Everyone that worked at the station were Indi Rock/Emo/Hardcore kids and they took it really seriously. We kind of made a mockery of the radio station, but we felt it was our duty because the station sounded like a bunch indi rock dweebs in a wizzing match to see who could "yeah but do you know this band" each other. We just decided to play crazy world music and talk about stuff we weren't supposed to. It was really hard not to swear but we were pretty good about that. The station had equipment from the 70's (as you can see) and nothing worked. Man, I really miss being on the air, can you imagine Radiate Warmth in improvised vocal FM frequency? Thats pretty much what it was.


Reese-E said...

Love all the music, Kale! Very fun! Happy weekend!

hdt said...

That was amazing! You have a great voice...When you've made a cd or something send me a copy! I love it.

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