Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anyone still out there?

Don't think anyone still reads. so maybe i'll start this blog over from here.

i wrote this poem the other day. it's called "The Terrible Lens" tell me what you think?

I saw the potent minds of my generation
redesigned and rebooted
glowing rectangles and drawn faces
oozing the drool of opiate massive
salivating pavlov and involuntary
at the cloud of collective hopes
and lies of boys
and girls searching
for a do over
for a one up
for an extra life
a magic mushroom

and its all from

The Ground!

The Ground! is the variable
The Ground! is the place
The Ground! is where you feel your feet
The Ground! is where you rub your face
The Ground! is the real feeling
The Ground! is rough and slick

The Ground!

the exponential choices
the multitude of voices
the infinite combination
every class and every vacation
in one big precipitous and electrified cloud
imaginary and LOUD

the sky mind used to be so absolute
and now earthman mind
and sores of institute

The Ground!

The Ground! is where you try
The Ground! is from which you fly
The Ground! is a molten mine
The Ground! is sometime a grind
The Ground! is what we dig to find
The Ground! is where the rocks shine
The Ground! is where the rocks shine
The Ground! is where the rocks shine


simple the calculation
simple the truth
simple all the same
simple in the ionized pursuits
simple in all the games
simple in your tribulations
simple in your name
simple all the excitement
simple the terrible lens of this generation

the way of the analog organic warriors
codes and judges and level
modern master soldiers
of a imaginary created universe

the power of love
is a curious thing
make one man weep
the other insane

curious curious curious

and damn the clarity
and damn the opaque
and damn the shadows
the tinted windows
the tinted halos
try your luck at that
and the queen of hearts don't give a shit

and she never did

you build it.

and you always did

Monday, February 7, 2011

Boogie Chillin

San Francisco, what an amazing city. I hit the whopper on my trip the weather was sunny and 75 in February, it was a dream I didn't want to wake up from.

Seeing old friends always reminds me of good things that happened in my life, those kinds of people that remind you of good times, they should be who we spend the most time.

Now I'm back on the life train and its chuggin along pretty steady like.

Watched another amazing kid bite the dust today. She had too much life shit break down and couldn't get out of the loop. I swear being a teacher is a heavy load sometimes. Hold on Girl.

Life isn't all sad, its just so very chill. Winter is losing its grip on the days and I can't help but give my heart to summer already, especially after a San Fran dream like that. The lighter days make me want to look up more often.

I want to be like a wise old owl/billy goat hybrid personality this summer, a little ornery but always a kick in the pants and in the know. I have started to feel more relaxed towards getting older and realized it excites me to think about all the characters I will be able to play in the future.

Because, as I have increasingly felt lately, everyone, every single human, pretty much dishes out the same bullshit, we're all bullshitters. And that comforts me.

Don't make it on to this here new fangled machinery to write a blog as much as I ought to, but I hope you know I'm still here. I'm just waiting for a good time to strike.

Bring on The SUMMER 2011.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Alive

Um... Life's scary good.

My new schedule:
1st period Science
2nd Period Science
3rd period Kale's Science elective focused on National Geographic
4th Period Build Community Garden Class

Thats right. I'm building a community garden with my kiddos!

Also, quit some bad habits, started working out, playing lots of music.

Festival line ups are popping up left and right. Northwest String Summit Looks INSANE this year, Sasquatch is revealing Line Up on Sunday, and I don't think I can really maintain my enthusiasm for what I suspect might be the best summer of my life.

Oh yeaaaaaaah, I'm flying to San Fran this weekend to visit a friend just cuz.

Basically my life is pretty good lately.

Except I'm sore, so sore, its sucks getting old and being a fat ass for two years.

Oh well got to get in Tattoo shape for this summer!

Anyone still out there?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Songs Lately

There's a hole.
(for ukulele)

There's a hole in my fence
Where all the alley cats
they come and go.
There's a hole in my heart because of you
Don't ya know

There's a hole in my jeans
At least I put it there
There's a hole in my heart
You bought yours off the shelf

There's a hole in my heart because of you
There's a hole in my heart because of all the things you do

There's a hole in my pocket
Where all the money
There's a hole in my heart
My momma told me so

There's a hole in the sky
And no one seems
to mind
There's a hole in my heart
I can read all the signs

There's a hole in my heart because of you
There's a hole in my heart because of all you put me through

There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza
Going down the
There's a hole in my heart
you could drive a train

There's a hole in my shoe
I can feel every stepping
There's a hole in my heart
My heart alone

There's a hole in my heart because of you
There's a hole in my heart because of you

Family Birds
(for ukulele)

Hey there mama bird
sittin on my front picket fence
the summer sun
is fadin once again

Hey there mama bird
diggin in the dirt for worms
gotta feed the babies
gotta make them learn

to fly to fly to fly

hey there papa bird
headin north with the wind
don't ya know the winter
is settin in

hey there papa bird
don't leave us all behind
don't we matter to ya
do we cross your mind

when you fly when you fly

hey there baby bird
its a big world out there
got to be careful
of the hawks in the air

hey there baby bird
you're not a baby anymore
so open up those wings
and get ready to soar

away away away away

Till The Morning Comes
(for keyboard/drum machine electronic loop)

If you wanna get up and leave
you know I wouldn't blame you
If you're thinkin bout leaving town
I hope you won't go

I just want one more day
in the sun
I just want to get up dance
till the morning comes

If you wanna get up and go
well then go on
but if you wanna get up and move
then move on

I just want one more day
in the sun
I just wanna dance
till the morning comes

If you wanna get up and dance
I can help you
If you wanna shake shake
Let me shake you

I just want one more day
in the sun
I just wanna dance
till the morning comes

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Limping across the finish line.

Mayday Mayday I'm coming in hot, landing gear's busted and I got migs on my tail! Get out the fire trucks and fire up the cannons cuz its gonna be a fiery landing!

Me: plane about to crash
Migs: school
Landing Strip: winter break


But some good things too.

Psychedelic Dance Music has been the jam lately. I play it while cleaning, I play it while driving. I play in school with my kids and they like it.

Here's a list of bands that will make your life/classroom better immediately. Go get em.


Also, on NETFLIX movies on demand you need to watch Beavers on IMAX, The Atheism Tapes, Countryman, Sweetgrass, David Cross Bigger and Blackerer, and Danielson: A family Movie.

Hal's coming home finally.

Subaru turned over 150,000 miles running strong.

Kyle and I are growing ever so close to being confident enough to take our improvisational electronic looping show to the next level and book a show. I also am working an idea for an entire night of entertainment called FOLK TO FUNK. It will be a 3-4 hour show starting in the early evening and ending at dance-o-clock whenever. The set will start with simple folk songs and start to blead slowly song by song by transition to a full fledged electro funk no tronic dance show with many synthed out pop and trippyness in between. The coolest thing is that each show can feature who ever fits in. Think about it, FOLK TO FUNK! And if that never pans out I've also been developing an fake Christian Electronic Band played by two Atheists. The band will be called LAZER JEZUS, you would be surprised at how easy it is to make songs up about god.

Also, really enjoying that the state standards for science require me to teach evolution in 7th grade. There is nothing sweeter than saying, "Well I could NOT teach your child evolution but they will be severley behind in their science learning as they take the state tests and progress to high school where its required knowledge for graduation..." Awesome.

You should clean your house, it feels good afterward. But I sometimes wonder if clean house would feel so good if you didn't also trash them. Is it experiencing the opposite of something that gives it so much delight upon reception? Would Thanksgiving and Christmas break be so needed if I hadn't slaved so much at school?

The sweet would not be so sweet without the bitter. Damn you bitter, damn you.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey Anyone still out there?

Well I write to you in the midst of a new job/life/situation. I work now. WORK a lot. The new school I'm at is starting from scratch and so am I. Its good for me, I was getting my roots so deep in my summer that I almost forgot that people work. Now its seems to be all I do.

The problem isn't the job, or the people there, or the kids, they're all great. The problem is that I have no time for things like this lately. Blogs, email, facebook, part of me misses it but I just don't think of online community as much lately.

That out the open, I don't even really have time to write a sufficient blog now either. I do have time to give you a bulleted list...they're efficient I suppose.

- String Cheese Incident at Hornings Hideout was amazing, people more than the music.
- I caught the Biggest Bass of my life 14.5" in Conconully
- I played two sets at Big Bottom Festival and killed it pretty damn well.
- Flowmotion Summer Meltdown Festival was mind blowing.
- I'm making a lot of electronic music and have some opportunities for shows soon
- Played a show at the Mandolin, the sound guy was a doosher.
- My brother is working grape crush at a winery far away for two months i miss him
- I wear a collared shirt, slacks and a tie every day, I feel dapper
- I quit smoking
- The WSU Cougar football team still sucks big time but I love going to Pullman home games with my family
- My Grandma and Grandpa are having a really hard time in their 90's
- Weeds, The Big Bang Theory and Boardwalk Empire are the best television shows on earth.
- I don't talk to my friends enough, or at all anymore, I miss them.

I miss you too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer in Full Bloom


What did I learn in Texas. Yes they have a lot of oil refineries. Yes there are a buttload of churches. Yes they do listen to a ton of Country music. Yes they line dance...a lot. Yes they have invented about a hundred ways to eat beef.

But did you know that the people in Texas are incredibly wonderful and heart warming and hospitable and kind. I had a great time with the Dengler family and friends in Texas. It was truly a wonderful experience flying to the Bayou Texas to have a big ol barn weddin. Congratulations Mason and Reese!

Did you know that chopping trees down is harder than it looks? My brother and I spent a whole week cutting down two 30 year old trees at my parents house and it was a work out.

And let me just say that PHOTOSYNTHESIS FESTIVAL 3.0 outside of Randle Washington was probably the best festival I'll go to all year. It was last minute, it was beautiful and it was all electronic music all day long. I danced my ass off!

Now on to String Cheese in two days, then camp Conconully, then Meltdown if I have energy, then Big Bottom Festival.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH my summer is freaking crazy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Come and Get me.

Well its been a while, as it tends to be in the summer. I'm just to busy livin life to make time for my blog in the summer. Since we last spoke about the amazing Squeak and Sqwuak Festival I feel like I've been really busy.

Problem is I don't have much time to tell all about what I did. Basically I had the best Fourth of July ever at my parents house with all my friends, games, fireworks and giant slip and slide.

My great friend Randy moved in with me for a month of relaxation and mental recouping. We went on the greatest road trip of a lifetime to a Pinot Noir Winery in Oregon, then to the redwoods and a secret town of Bolinas, then onto San Fran for a night out on the town and Haight Ashbury, then off to live a day as a beach bum in Santa Cruz and then back on home. Now He's off to climb mount Adams and then harvest grains in the palouse.

I went and chilled at a lake cabin and swam and fished in the great clear waters of Lake Phillips.

I ventured deep into the Columbia Basin to the Potholes Reservoir for an all male campout filled with cliff jumping, soccer and intense conversations late at night.

And after a short break I have taken up music with a new reckless abandon deciding to go back to a concept from long ago, my music will just be an extension of me that day, that time, and what instruments I can get my hands on. My band mate and I have decided to call it "Look At the Noises We Make."

Tomorrow I fly to Texas for Mason and Reese's Wedding in Beaumont in a Barn. I've never been to the Lone Star State and certainly never this close to the Gulf I'm excited!

After that I go to STRING CHEESE INCEDENT at Hornings Hideout! Never seen them before and feel luck to be able to go to one of the rarest festivals of the summer.

From there I will drive to Conconully Washington for a week of camping and fishing with mom and dad and hal and our cousin's family for a down home rooting tooting hick good time.

Haven't decided if I will show up at the Summer Meltdown to see flowmotion Saturday night or not...probably will though.

After that I have Big Bottom festival which I'm PLAYING at this year! Woot Woot

The next week my friend Kyle and Sean and I have a show at the world famous Bob's Java Jive

I feel so luck to have all these people in my life to share these amazing times with. Summer is crazy and when its all over and I start my new job in the fall I will do so knowing I rocked my brains out this summer.

I'm a busy man, and I am who I am. Are you who you are? Does that you that you are want to see me that is me? Then you have to come and find me. Come and join the team for a day a month a year a life time.

Love ya.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Squeak and Squawk

I am all over the place. I just spent the last 5 evenings with a new (and old) group of people that made me so proud and so incredibly excited to live and exist in Tacoma. The Squeak and Squawk Music festival put on by the incredible Sean Alexander and his team of crack specialists wrapped up last night with great performances by amazing local talent that pimp slaps all the other towns indi music in the face.

During the 5 day local music blast a sort of vibrating began to occur finally building to an all out freak a thon Saturday night with a dance circus spectacular complete with face paint, glow sticks, fog machines, lazer beams and two great bands STRENGTH and REPORTER (both can be found on myspace I believe). Hipsters shed their well maintained hair and carefully chosen thrift store finds and got down and dirty with dance moves straight out of the depths of swampy funky techno marsh. Many many many other spot on performances took place during the weekend including Lake, Butts, and Grand Hallway ranking among this blog reporters favorite.

On top of great music the sense of community that this shindig brought together was staggering. The same amazing people kept coming night after night to solidify a sense of pride and that, yes, Tacoma is amazing and we do belong on the map of farking cool places in the Puget Sound. Everyone pitched in however they could and new connections, ideas and synapses started firing off.

I can't say that this report does this experience any justice but it does hopefully serve a record of time that Squeak and Squawk 2010 was a success, and people felt loved.

Maybe if we are all lucky enough this will lead on to other, bigger more incredible things from Sean and his team as well as from the arts community in Tacoma. Its time for a revolution.

Thankfully today is a half day and the last day of school, after this I will maybe get some rest as I have been dancing with my new best friends for 5 days straight.

Thanks Squeak and Squawk for flipping the switch.
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