Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday is now the official day of the week to wear over alls

If you haven't noticed already, I live and die in my Carhart overalls. I love them so much that I declare that every Friday (my favorite day of the week) from hence for shall be know as overall day. Plus when you wear over alls you can go around saying "Over All, I think today was a good(or bad) day" and the only one who will get your joke is probably you, but then again you are a dork (talking about myself) and no one gets your jokes anyways. You'll slap your knee and the person will stare at you like you're a mutant freak. Then you will scamper off to your dark cave of a classroom to sulk about the fact that no one thinks you're funny and that you also had a gnome come into your room in the middle of the night and professionally pack both of your nasal passages to capacity with snot. Then in dismay you will write a blog about the incident. As you do you will pause to wrap your thumbs around your overall suspenders and realize that life isn't so bad because you still can wear over alls to work, thank Jehova for that, and everything is going to be ok. Plus you got 5 days until your TheraFlu supply runs out and hopefully the cold will have run its course by then. You didn't know your life was so interesting did you? Maybe you should start wearing over alls on Fridays and you could be like me...wait that isn't much of an incentive is it?

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