Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm back in the cold land of the north, air travel this Christmas was very uneasy and frightening at times, but some how snow, and insane low temps didn't cause me any overall delays. I have a ridiculous amount of crap to get ready for tomorrow so the weekend update might be a little short.

Musical Artist of the Week: Thanks to Erin and Brian I had a buttload of new music to peruse over break, and even though I love new music, it was an oldy and a goody that has been catching my eye lately. Steve Miller Band's "Greatest Hits" is one of the only "greatest hits" albums I have ever truly loved and know that its back in my life I can Ooooooooooooaaaaaaaooooo my way into a better state of mind, his down how psychedelic classic sound is something I've always loved. Check it out and rediscover the magic.

Old Person Phrase of the week:
"Hot Damn" No explanation for this phrase commonly used in moments of surprise or bafflement.

Weather on Nunivak: With our high barometric pressure seated right over the island we are experiencing temps into the -25 deg F or more. My little toes almost froze off on the flight home. Its clear as a bell though and todays sunrise was absolutely unreal.

Art Update: I distributed about ten copies of "Clean Fresh Brand New Start" my latest unsigned album to friends and family over break. I haven't heard any feedback yet but I was personally able to "Car-test" the song while driving around Tacoma and I have to say its not that bad! I'm going to see how the spring goes and I may add on or release a new album. I was also able to party test my barrage of 90's cheesy covers on a few friends and I must say it was not only very fun to play but also very hilarious. I played some originals for family and it was well agreed that I've improved quite a bit this year.

Health Update: I will be restarting yoga this week, I decided to just let go and eat what ever I wanted over break (I have a cute little buddha belly to show for it now). My new years resolutions aren't anything incredible. Just to do yoga more often, and to meditate too. I will be teaching PE also so I'll have a little extra physical activity every day. I'm gonna try to quite a few other bad habits (TheraFlu/Chew/Coffee/Soda Pop etc.) The problem is that in a chemical-less world of bush Alaska these little daily alterations of the mind become routine and its really hard to stop. Wish me luck.

Commercial Goods Acquired: So I did score some sweet goods over break. I can honestly say I was a very bad little consumer, I spent a lot of time in malls unfortunately and I bought a bunch of "stuff." I got two new pairs of shoes, a new pair of jeans, and a very very very expensive green wool army coat by Ben Sherman and some video games. I was gifted an xBox from my mom and dad, some sweet gloves from my brother, and a bunch of other great gifts that I won't go into. If I were a good little bodhisattva then I wouldn't be so concerned with such shallow things but after being stuck in the middle of nowhere for half a year I think I can let my buddha guard down for a moment to acquire some things that I wanted. and accept some heartfelt gifts from those I love.

The Future: The Christmas break had a lot of complex facets. I was assessing future job possibilities (which turned out not to be as solid as I had hoped) I was checking on the health of my grandparents and extended family (which was ok but could be better), I was checking in with friends to see how relationships were holding up (they were amazing I miss you guys already) in order to try and figure out exactly what the hell I am going to do next. While all these things didn't really lend a clear picture of what will happen in May, I do know one thing. I want to be there. So thats where I'll leave it, I want to be there. And after I return from meeting my brother in Europe in May for a month, I don' tplan on going anywhere for a bit, amazing job or not. I want to go home, last summer was too short, this year is too long, break was a blink of an eye and spring will be a marathon. I just want to go home.

Lastly But Not Leastly: That doesn't mean I'm going to stop kicking ass up here, I still plan on working my ass off, I love my students, and its all still so up in the air that I won't have a clear answer for anyone for a long time.

Thanks for reading and look forward to some humorous and new types of blog posts all throughout 2009. I'm gonna try to spice it up a bit.

I love you all, welcome back to Radiate Warmth.

Love Kale-poo-pants-face-bear-skees.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you made it back. We miss you! Madissen asked if you were coming to dinner next wkend as your parents and bro will be here. She was quite bummed to hear you are just a bit out of reach. However, she did remind me we have the small airport next to us you could fly into...just a thought!!! Glad to hear you will back-Chris is still trying to figure out a way to get up there before you leave. Maybe he can check out a few sub stations along the way-haha!!!

Looking forward to camping in the summer!!! (I think, maybe the hotel sounds better). We are going to 'practice' our gold panning skills and fishing this spring!!!

Lots of love!!!!!!
the Wicks Crew

Susan Iverson said...

I am glad you made it back safely but I miss you already. I feel like the time went by way too fast. It was good though. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this blog to at least try to understand what you are going through. I am glad though that I don't know the details of your harrowing flight back. Some things are best left unsaid. Missing you lots, love Mom.

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