Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Well after a long weekend of sitting on my arse, I have returned to school on Sunday to work...something that kind of makes me happy because out of all the days you're not supposed to work its this one, and I like being different and uncool.

"The only true currency in this corrupt world is what you share with someone when you're uncool" -Almost Famous Quote

Musical Artist of the Week: Michael Franti and Spearhead from their recently released studio album "All Rebel Rockers." My brother called me from the former Big Easy club in Spokane to remind me that the world is amazing and to let me hear just a little snippet of some life from the Franti show he was rocking at. Hal (my bro) told me that they played a lot of old stuff but also a lot of the new album so I ran in this morning and bought it without thinking twice. Now I'm two songs into it and it conjures up memories of summer, the Gorge, friends, love, purpose and freedom, all things that keep me going up here in this place, that at often times, makes me want to give up. Thank you HAL! Thank you Franti!

Old Person Phrase of the Week:
"Pleased as Punch" Well...I didn't know punch was so pleased...but apparently it is. I have had some punch's that did taste pleasing, but I've also had some that tasted like sh*t so I'm not sold on this one (although if you are going to say it you need to also clap your hands and smile like an idiot to really sell it).

Weather Here in Nunivak: Oddly enough I walked to school on Wednesday last week and a gust of wind sneakily crept up under my hooded sweatshirt and down my back. I turned around slowly and stared out to the Bering Sea past the sand dunes and mouthed "Hello Mr. Winter, I was wondering when you'd arrive." With that I can officially say I saw winter creeping around out here, he's not out of the shadows yet but he's here, its begun.

This Week In Politics: This is a new feature of the blog, I'm going to get political, by political I mean I'm going to offer up something each week that truly conveys how little of my mental energy goes into thinking about politics each week. Its kind of a non issue out here on our island and quite frankly I really don't care. So if you don't get it yet, stay tuned.
This week in politics:
I got a very nice letter from a cool relative asking my opinion on Sarah Palin. I haven't responded because even living in her state of residence I still could care less, I know there is some 'Troopergate" issue going around but in reality people get people fired all the time, people look out for family good and bad, people have teenagers with babies on the way, and people also suck the teet of the media for any dripple of drama that they can get to quench their thirst for something to make them feel better about all the shitty things they've done in their own lives. I'm not supporting her I'm just sayin...he who cast stones or some shit.
Here's a thought: McCain wins the election, McCain dies tragically of old age, soccer mom Palin takes controls of universe, lunch time nation-wide is proclaimed "Halftime" by the Whitehouse, everyone gets orange slices at "halftime" as part of a new government program...I'm just saying, orange slices are awesome (healthy and delicious), especially after you eat the orange and keep the peel in your mouth and smile like a monkey. A whole country of vitamin C rich orange peel smiling monkeys wouldn't be so bad (or so much different). Think about it more dreaded scurvy.

Art Update: No update, I've hit the skidz. I'm trying to get WD-40 (the Eskimo Pop Country Band here on the Island) back together as a secret plot to play my own music with a back up band...sue me. I'm regaining strength though, with all your powers what would you do?

Fitness Update (or lack of): I didn't work out once last week. In fact I was even lazier than I've ever been to date. I ate awful processed food, drank soda pop, ate candy bars and homemade cookies and ice cream, and literally watched 13 college football games from the couch yesterday. Consequently I also lost 2 pounds since last week. Its a new diet I'm going to market in Hollywood. Its called the "Move to Bush Alaska, Teach High School, feel lonely and bored, eat like crap and lose weight watching TV" Diet. I don't think it will catch on though.

In other news: My principal is from Texas, his wife and daughter hunkered down and made out fine from ol' Hurricane Ike. My college football team the Washington State Cougars are worse than they've ever been in my entire life. Tomorrow marks the start of our first full week of school (all 5 days) in 3 weeks...yippee

And Finally: Barring some horrific behavior from my kids, I think I might be pulling out of a little slump, after the honeymoon was over from returning to my village, I felt a little buyer's remorse for having made the decision to come back. Now that I'm stuck with this situation, I've gone through the summer grieving process, I can accept certain things. I feel like I'm sharpening my edges, getting my brain back on track, getting some of my humor back, and maybe a little spark too. I'm feeling better, its so weird that you blog readers get to experience the ups and downs of life right here with me. I never cease to be amazed by this effect of our shared experience of life, the ups and downs if you will. But hey, smoke em if you got em, and if you don't, don't worry it'll all turn out alright. At least know this from a good movie I watched this morning (Almost Famous) "Its All Happening" and so it is.

Have a good week, drop me a line, do something brash.


Reese-E said...

i hear ya, kale. friday night found me and mason drunk and crying on his couch while we watched the coug game. they are so bad. so bad. we've decided to watch every game from home this year. we're too embarassed to go to a sports bar in our jerseys.

it really sucks. i was so looking forward to football season. oh well, there's always hope that they'll be awesome in two years or so.

Susan Iverson said...

The eternal cry of Cougar fans is "wait 'til next year" however being the rabid fan I am, I am going to the games with the belief that they will pull of one upset this year and I want to be there when they do! By the way, I like the picture you have now. I can see your eyes and they are smiling!

Jessie said...

i'm kinda stoked over this franti album..seriously! It still feels like sumemr here, even though school is in session. But the music still screams summer from everyone's head phones. I'm sure you can head butt mr. winter by blaring the dance tunes over the dunes :) he'll run away screaming.

Hal said...

we decided to count how many times Franti said "How yall feelin?" during the concert...we stopped counting afte 11. haha.

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