Sunday, February 24, 2008

Electrified Virtues

I just wrote this late last night

Blackness void sparkle
Nothing and time
Large behemoth rock
Endless valley haze
Sunrise faces balance
Cloud shadow accelerate
Bleeding rocks broken
Pinnacles alive awaken
Barren shores prehistoric
Caves impossible alone
Inaudible sandstone
Wreckage among crevice
Beige liquid knives
Artificial endless ants
Flowing breathless waves
Wormholes of solitude
Rectangle stacked pyramid
Ancient story and pictures
Pharaoh scenes guard the tomb
The sun illuminates the ruler
The shadows of the past
Sitting in solitary rows
Gazing forward sphinx
Fists clenched to the side
Sand and air are one
Great Zues’ stare
Headless fixtures
Armless marble statues
Great pillars hold the skies
And still the sun shines
On the tombs of the lost
Grape leaves and crowns
On the walls of the gone
The green grass grows
On the arenas of death
The tides replace it all
An island alone
A God alone
A steeple that points above
The builders gone
Trees over grown
A forgotten home
Branches and wind
Arches and castles
Reflected on auburn waters
Vaulted cathedrals
Stained glass kaleidoscopes
Razor sharp spires to heaven
Halls empty
Alters with rock hands
Clasped tightly
Unfinished visions
Bells unringing
They file to the front
And leave just the same
All in his name
All in their buildings
Endless everyone
Sprawled and aligned
A fungus metropolis
Gargoyles ponder it
But they come and go
They watch the show
Round and round
Lights off lights on below
Commercial crossroads
Train tracks assembly lines
Escalators stairs elevators
Rows pews stations benches
Doors schedules
Time time time
Bottleneck break speed
Blurring portholes
To the underground
The speed of sound
And nothing
It all comes back
To rock and stone
Dirt and Cloud
Shadows and fog
Forests rule the land
Castles made by hand
Ceilings of painted gods
Candles and chandeliers
Shuttering in the light
Great lions protect the door
Cannons guard the shores
Observatory stones
And they cover the expanse
With their structures
And their statues
And their electrified virtues
That slowly surrender
To the night
Got to get going
Got to get theirs now
Wait go wait go go go
Breathing in the burning
Breathing out the fire
Piercing their ears
Cutting their hair
Shaping their faces
Shading their eyes
From the electrified
Translucent residue film
Of neon light and lines
But still the moon rises
Or at least one side
Even if they fly
In their electrified life
Or sail their waterways
The sculpted gods stay stationary
Alone permanent
Great nude David
Great Michael’s Sistine
Great Mohammed Mosques
Great Pharaoh’s pyramid
Stable unmoving
But the glowing amoebas
Always move along
With their tourist eyes
Enjoying the ride


Jessie said...

"But still the moon rises
Or at least one side
Even if they fly
In their electrified life
Or sail their waterways
The sculpted gods stay stationary"

...brilliant.... really brilliant.

Anonymous said...

You have a gift! I love you so much! Mom

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