Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking Back: Summer 08 "Flomotion Summer Meltdown"

Ah. Summer Meltdown. Its my favorite festival of the summer. It showcases my favorite band of all time, Flowmotion, it takes place at the beautiful Whitehorse Amphitheatre in Darrington, WA. Only about 2500 people come and you get to camp only a hundred yards away from stage amongst tall pine and evergreen trees. There is a clean cold stream running in the woods behind the stage to clean up in and a 3 homey stages to entice your musical pallet.

I didn't take very many pictures unfortunately. I was too busy melting down. Me and my brother and Katie got there early for fan appreciation night on Thursday with our special "golden tickets." We got an amazing campsite and set up tapestries and hammocks and tents to solidify our space. Later that evening Hal's friends Leslie and Kali arrived and the crew was complete.
Leslie and Kali were knitting and selling hats and we all wore them as walking advertisements. Because of this we termed ourselves the "Mad Hatters." We kept asking people to "Slap one on their melon" and try one out, it was funny as hell.

Flowmotion played a calm and collected set with no encore that night and we all got our boogie down while also conserving energy for the big Saturday night.

Highlights of the weekend included Lucky Brown and the Boogie Down Band (I love the funk), That One Guy (actually his name) and his magical pipe (unbelievable to see...look at the pic), Tea Leaf Green (soooo epic), the Staxx Brothers and the Dream Science Circus (thanks Kali for staying up at the late night tent and experiencing that with me!).

Of course the highlight of the weekend was Flowmotion. They opened with two Beatles songs on saturday night which is probably the only way I'll ever enjoy a Beatles song. They had That One Guy, the singer/keyboardist from Tealeaf Green, Blake Lewis, and a crazy asian rapper on stage for the encore and I freaking went nuts!!!! Josh and R.L. did a guitar only "Wild Eyes" It was so incredible to be there with two of the people I care about the most (Hal and Katie) dancing our hearts out, feeling young, free and alive. I felt like I was in heaven if such a place existed. (Don't hate on the pics they're cute!)

I just want to say that I couldn't have asked for a better send off to Alaska than hanging out with Katie, Hal, Leslie and Kali. We had the best time together and made an on the spot little family.

All I really have to say is "Meltdown (high fives)...Yeeeeah!"


ms. cugno to some said...


Anonymous said...

nice review man! I found your blog on GOOGLE.

And yes. . .Let's get this harmonica lesson plan / workshop together. I'm seriously down. It would be an honor. You may just have to coach me on 21st century educational technology lol.

. . .Thanks for putting us in your highlights.


Anonymous said...

wonderful recap of that amazing weekend! the madhatters rocked that weekend well and we will have to plan another adventure in the future! I hope you are well in the AK. good luck with everything!

Syd said...

I'm stoked you had such an awesome time!! I really, really want to go next time. This summer's been one big hiatus from about everything for me. I hope you are so good KALE! Biggest hugs ever.

Hal said...

I really like that top picture of us kale!

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