Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Update COUGS WIN!!!!!

While most of you out there don't care, the WSU Cougars football team miraculously beat the UW Huskies in double Overtime in Pullman on Saturday. The Huskies fell victim to football self sabotage (missing three field goals) the likes of which is usually reserved for only the Cougs themselves, therefore I say the Huskies "couged it" big time.

The win means nothing really, both teams finish the season dead last in their division, but as I watched the destroyed Husky fans mourn the most devastating loss in recent memory I still didn't feel sorry for them. Maybe its because I've been spit at, maybe its because many of them are Bellevue yuppy elitists, maybe its because they get to drive their BMW's back to their waterfront property on Mercer Island, or maybe, just maybe, its because I am a friggin Cougar Baby!!!!!!!!!! You can have your latte, you can have your caviar, you can have your country club membership but you CAN NOT HAVE THE APPLE CUP THIS YEAR WAAAAAAHOOOOOO!!!! So in your face dawgs, now go back to your side of the state and don't come back, and I hope you get speeding tickets in Colfax, Othello AND Vantage, you can afford it so quit whining. Oh YEAAAH!

Excuse me, Ok, now thats out of the way, here's the weekend update:

Musical Artist of the Week:
The Grateful Dead. Yes I know I blasted your earholes with their most cliche song ever for weeks as the theme for the website, but this weekend while listening to Sirius Satellite Radio The Grateful Dead Station I heard a 13 min long version of "Ripple" and I just laid in bed wishing it would never end.

Old Person Phrase of the Week:
"Guaran God Damn tee " I can Gauren God Damn Tee Ya that if someone adds this into the middle of a sentence they mean business. (Special Thanks to a slightly inebriated little brother for uttering this precious phrase over the telephone post Apple Cup this weekend)

Weather On Nunivak:
Oh yeah its gettin there, -15 deg. F with the windchill isn't as bad as our inland neighbors in Bethel but its certainly cold enough to freeze the snot in your nose. We have had clear skies for a week and it has made for some pretty incredible landscapes.

Yoga/Health/Fitness Update:
After a week layoff from yoga due to massive sinus infiltration, we will be starting back up this week. I'm gonna make a big push for fitness the last couple of weeks before Christmas knowing full well that the holidays bring EggNog and Ham and cookies and tasty beverages and also a nice little holiday jolly belly. I'm feeling all better pretty much, breathing clearly, feeling good, weening off the TheraFlu, and should look to return to top form tomorrow for the short week of school.

Personal Art Update: Once again, sickness delayed some progress, although I did record a song with my sick voice, it is so horrible that only my nearest and dearest will ever probably hear it. I think I might snag up some big sheets of paper and some black chalk pastels for tonight, I'm feeling dramatic.

Lack of Political Update:
This morning I got up early to let Foster, the Dog I'm watching, out for a walk, and a morning walk in negative twenty is enough to get you up for the day, so I re-watched a movie called "Across the Universe" that I hated the first time I watched it. I mostly hated it because its a whole movie of pretty people singing Broadway style musical versions Beatles covers, and most people who really know me, know that I absolutely can NOT stand the Beatles, I literally cringe when I hear them. But something must have hit me just right, because I watched the whole movie, shed a single solitary tear at one part, and was deeply moved by the movie today. I don't know why. I think its because its all about the 60's and 70's and its all about a time when America was changing and people were inspired and SOMETHING was happening and as I watched the fictionalized, glamorized, Hollywood version of the counter culture revolution I found myself wishing I wasn't on an island in the Bering Sea, it made me wish I was somewhere where I could do something bigger and feel plugged in. I have been having fantasies lately of driving around the United States and discovering my own country, going to the deep south, going to the north east cities, going to the desert, going to the great rocky mountains and so on. I'm going to Europe in May to meet my brother and I know its going to be great but in all honesty I also wish I was just driving across America this summer too. We always think of "Traveling" as being to other countries, but I often realize how little I know my own gigantic country. Maybe next summer.

Lastly But Not Leastly:
19 days till my birthday, 27 till I'm home in the bosom of washington, 43 till I'm back in Mekoryuk for next semester. Is it possible to be bummed out about next semester already? God, life moves so fast when looked back upon from a moment, but moves so slow inside the moment looking forward.

Have a great week me friendos

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Jessie said...

hahaha.... I'm so glas across the universe finally embedded itself deep within the confines of your heart... now maybe the album rubber soul will too? :)

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