Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Update Early Edition

Since I was late last week I thought I'd be early this week.

Musical Artists of the Week:
This week we have a tie.

All last week I couldn't stop listening to Jamiroquai "Traveling Without Sound." This late nineties brit funk band never got much respect but they certainly deserve it for this golden album of joy. Songs are funky, danceable, and have a heavy element of outer space feel. I can't wait to be home so I can dance to this with my friends.

Then on Friday I re-bought an album I used to listen to in Australia. I needed some inspirational words that would sink deep into my soul and fill me with love. The album is Michael Franti "Songs From the Front Porch." This short solo album features most of the band but is down beat and more earthy than his other efforts with Spearhead and the lyrics/message takes front stage. I think that every parent in America should buy this album and play it for their kids so that they grow up to be positive informed people of the new world.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Bull Pucky" This nonsensical phrase loosely means bullshit. I don't know many folks who still say this one so its up to you to bring it back !

Fitness Update: Some hard workouts, three yoga sessions and a lot of tea and sleep has helped me get back to about 95% health.

Featured Blog of the Week: Stuff White People Like. If you've never read this offensive little blog turned phenomenon you should. It is hilarious, there are over a hundred posts each dedicated to things that white people generally like.

This week at the Post Office...

I received (recently):
---A really cool book on New Zealand Art/Artists and some original New Zealand Art (Thanks KT!)
---Batteries, Junior Mints, M&M's, Butterscotch Chips, TheraFlu and lotsa love in a Care package from mom!
---100% Cod Liver Oil from Nordic Naturals purchased by my Dad (used by Icelandic People in the winter to replace all the Vitamin D being lost from no sunshine...they call it sunshine in a bottle and my dad says it works wonders)
---An amazing surprise care package including two hand crafted mix cds, an absolutely ANCIENT Sigur Ros album I don't have, amazing wonderful red tea, fantastic organic coffee, and a letter. (Thanks Syd!!!)
---My one and only W2 (now I just need Alisha to help me with my taxes)
---An PAST DUE phone bill for 66 bucks...lame.
---My first RELIX magazine from the subscription my bro got me

I Sent:
66 bucks to UUI for the phone.
12 mix cd's for my cd mix of the month club.

Lastly But Not Leastly: I am so overwhelmed with stuff to do. My room is growing messier and messier. I just keep on playing video games, making mix cd's and goofing off instead of taking care of business.

I'm watching Foster the Dog again for my neighbors/colleagues the Barnetts. He is a very nice dog, but he is also a very stupid dog. Every time I get up to get a drink of water, answer the phone or go to the bathroom he thinks its time to go. I do have him trained (now going on over a month's amount of days that I've dog sat him) to not require a leash anymore, which is nice. He is a long haired australian shepard so he gets hair everywhere too.

My music and life project student Ted put his iPod through the washing machine losing everything that I gave him music wise. If he was just another kid I would say 'so what,' but he's kind of like a prodigy/project of mine right now, teaching him how to live life positive and how to manifest your own reality and music/iPod is my foremost form of communication. I wouldn't ever buy a kid something except this kid, I'm trying to figure out how to get him an iPod because him having one actually impacts the entire school (he's pretty cool).

TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS starts this week in PE. We will be playing a four day long tournament in PE. The teams will stay the same all week, and the champions will be crowned on Thursday.
Monday is Ultimate Indoor Frisbee (off the walls and highest score after a half an hour wins)
Tuesday is Indoor Soccer (no goalie, with a penalty box, off the walls, top score after a half an hour wins)
Wednesday is Volleyball (regular rules, all ceiling balls are do overs)
Thursday is Last ditch Mystery Bonus Sport (it will be capture the flag and will be worth two days in case one team is down by two)
The champions will have their names put up on the wall for all to behold their splendor and glory.

And thats about it for the week, now you're updated, have a good one you cheeky monkees.


alisha said...


Man, could I use some of that theraflu that your mom keeps enabling (I mean..sending) you! I got hit with a monster freight train of a cold last night and have been in a general nyquil induced haze ever since. let me know your thoughts on that cod oil stuff...I might look into that for avery!

Taxes...yep...I'll get in touch with you sometime soon to go over the details. I need to do a bit of research on new tax law for this year...also you should be getting some other forms that i'll need.

Your blog looks totally weird without a picture at the a book without a cover!

We miss you here in Bethel! See ya!

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

you caught the new blog in mid change, the new header is all done, what a pain in the ass, but i needed a change, it looks friggin sweet now though.

feel better lish!

ms. cugno to some said...

cheeky monkey, one of my favorite little monikers down here...there's a cafe by that title up the road, and I enjoy how the phrase fits a plethora of occasions, all typically good natured.

Anonymous said...


some of the best news ever...well at least for a monday anyway...jimmy buffett will be here october 21st-to play key arena!!!!

r u going w/us? :O)


Randall H. Sloot said...

Hey man, like the new banner. Glad you're feeling up to snuff. I'll give you a call soon man. Miss you lots, Randall

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