Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update


Another week in the books my friends.

Musical Artists of the Week: This week the cold has really hit and the fall colors are starting to show. Every fall I like to revisit my senior year of high school musical favorites because they are so telling of the fall and the changing of time.

MUSIC MIX goes as follows:
1.) Belle and Sebastian from "Tigermilk" oh so melancholy and happy simultaneously
2.) Pinback from "Blue Screen Life" so melodic and moody and solitary.
3.) Deathcab for Cutie from"The Forbidden Love E.P." wanna feel like you're 16 again? This band didn't used to suck (although they rocked at Sasquatch this year)
4.) Built to Spill from "Ancient Melodies of the Future" daunting, plodding and forward sounds of change
5.) Modest Mouse from "Everywhere and his Nasty Parlor Tricks" this band has a way of saying in music how I feel most of the time.
6.) Nick Drake from "Pink Moon" oh Nicky D, why do you have to make the rest of us singer song writers look like shit? If I could just write one song that good before I die.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Hang yer hat on" I guess if something is important or well done you could tell someone that it is something they "can really hang yer hat on"

Weather on old Nunivak: After a couple of beautiful cloudless days we finally had our first frost this very morning! As we wheeled up to the trout pound the ground was covered with frost, the puddles encrusted with a thin sheet of ice. You know what frost means? CRANBERRIES! yes!

Art Update: None I'm in full berry/fishing mode.

Political Update: None I watched 30 seconds of the debate, (two old guys yapping at each other of the same crap over and over again, or a beautiful sunny day out in nature harvesting the bounty of the land) you make the pick.

Lack of Fitness Update: Since I've been rooting around on a 4 wheeler all weekend my muscles are pretty soar (check out this gnarly action shot from a mud crossing), I think I might take my brother up on his idea that I should get into yoga again. I took a class in college and loved it (when I didn't sleep through it 9 am ouch). Monday night open gyms with the high school kids have been physical too.

Subsistence Update: I have totaled out about 10 plus gallons of assorted berries including blue, salmon, black, crow, and cranberries. I have three silver salmon, 12 large trout, and I plan on picking berries and fishing right up to till it snows.

This weekend for instance was Another Great weekend of subsistence lifestyle out here on the ol tundarooni. I picked two gallons of black and cran berries, I also caught another good mess of trout in the morning fog this morning with Kevin my co-teacher in high school.

When I get close to being done for the fall I'm going to lay out everything I have gathered and fished for myself just so I can really see how much I've got (look for pictures to follow).

So, its dinner time, Sunday night, I've goofed off all weekend and not done any planning for the week. I better get to work and you better have a good week too!


Susan Iverson said...

You look like you are having an absolute blast on the 3 wheeler! Just think how lucky you are to have this experience!

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Two comments:

One: mom, its a 4 wheeler...lucky I am though.

Two: In the top 4wheeler picture the combination of long underwear, carharts, t-shirt, thermal, hooded sweatshirt undersized rainpant over alls doesn't really leave me with the most girlish figure. Even though I've lost about 8 lbs up here already this year I look like a fat ass in this get up...

Domnule Ortgiesen said...

Crap if only I could eat fresh fish and ride around in a 4 wheeler without the Squirrel Master comming out of left field and Nasty Nate wanting fruit cocktail.

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