Sunday, November 11, 2007

Artist and Phrase of the week.

The Artist of the Week is:
J.J. Cale from the album "Naturally"
This guy is really awesome and has a really good delivery. My favorite song is "Call me the Breeze" Its a perfect cooking dinner song.

Old Person Phrase of the Week:
"MY LUCKY STARS!..." This should be used when you are generally surprised by something or want to make a big deal out of nothing. Here's an example you see an owl flying by you say "MY LUCKY STARS AN OWL!" I like to say it in front of "homework" to make the point that it is a miracle/rare occurance to have students turn it in.

Also I will try to include a weekly picture of my beautiful viking beard progress also. As you can see it is very long and luscious (Parts are 4 " long). Have a good week.

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Anonymous said...

Good choice. For a really complete set look at J.J. Cale - Anyway The Wind Blows: The Anthology. It contains 50 songs including Peter Rowan's "Cocaine" & "I'll Make Love to You Anytime." Also good is The Road to Escondido with Clapton. A really great DVD is To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Cale.

John Pokrzywinski

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