Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lists that have nothing to do with anything and something to do with everything

If you read the last blog post you are a superstar, if not you are still a super star but you are just one that didn't read that last post.

Here is a list of thing that have nothing to do with anything or something to do with everything.

One-The snow is almost gone, the rain stole it away. Now there is only mud and darkness.
Two-Did anyone try to do some love blasting today as a result of that last post? I did. I kicked some ass at life today and I'm gonna keep on kicking it till its through. You gotta take your karate chops out of despair when ever you get a chance. Don't forget your bow staff of joy.
Three-I think I figured out some major things yesterday.
Three and a half- Thats how many weeks till I get off this rock.
Four- I think I figured out some really major things yesterday.
Five- I am hug deprived.
Six- I didn't go to the Post Office today, which is my favorite thing to do everyday.
Seven- I need to remind myself that I kick ass otherwise I forget, and so do you, wait, that is you need to remind yourself that you kick ass too so you don't forget...but if you want to remind me that I kick ass you can and I will remind you that you do except not immediately after you remind me because I just reminded you right now as you read this and another one might be awkward. Oh what the hell, did you know that you kick ass?...whoever you are?...Well you do. Don't forget that otherwise others will too, wait, you will forget too also, wait, all this ass kicking is getting confusing, I'm going to stop now with the reminding of one and all about how we are all the ultimate ass kickers of life simultaneously.
Eight- I am not the one doing the teaching right now, the students are, I need to learn their lessons.
Nine- I need to learn your lessons.
Ten- I need to make more list of things that have nothing to do with anything or something to do with everything more often.
Eleven- YOU need to make more list of things that have nothing to do with anything or something to do with everything more often.
Twelve- Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Rule.
Thirteen- I need to look for more messages in life.
Fourteen- I need to figure our a way to end this list.
Fifteen- Dang it, that would have been a perfectly witty way to end it, but I kept going, such a bad decision.
Sixteen- Don't make lists that have nothing to do with anything or something to do with everything, they are addicting and could pose a problem for you if you are already crunched for time in your life.
Seventeen- I have way to much free time. Wait, are you reading this? So do you I guess, well I guess you don't have to worry about the repercussions of developing a dependency on making lists that have nothing to do with anything or something to do with everything now do you?
eighteen- I wish I had more dreams, they are cool.
nineteen- I think twenty is a good amount of things to have on a list.
twenty- I think people should add things to this list don't you?


Anonymous said...

For those of us who are a bit dense, you might be explicit next time about the major thing you figured out. Is it a secret? Were you alluding to your previous blog, or was there a new epiphany you are keeping to yourself? I would make fun of you for writing such an obscure list in the first place, but I did read the whole thing...and incidentally, I had a really good day today too, must be something in the water.

Mr. Iverson said...

The major thing I figured out would take way too long to explain (Tried to yesterday but alas...) and it would compromise the fluidity of such an important list about nothing and everything.

Keep having good days they are easier then harder ones for some reason...don't you love redundancy?

Anonymous said...

you kick ass. a lesson from me and my roommate:
you are always dreaming, its just about remembering your dreams. people don't think they dream when actually they just don't remember it when they wake. writing it down when you wake up or trying to relive your dream in your mind when you wake up makes you more conscious of your dream world and easier to visit. man, I love a good dream....

Anonymous said...

#5-This one I feel bad! Teach grade school! I got a lot of hugs when I taught 4th grade for so many years, but I tell you what, coming down to 1st grade. Wowie!!! I start my day with at least 20 (not counting other students who pass me in the halls), continue to receive them throughout the day-just because, even when I think I've been 'grouchy', and then always followed up with at least 20(if not more by students passing by again-and an occ. past parent or two, and my own biological kiddo's who I get to see during the day)at the end of the day. That alone, is worthwhile! :O)

Reading #6 makes me smile. I think of your grandpa and when they lived in Omak, he would go to the Post Office, something to look forward to! Thus, reminds me of my own grandfather and his 'favorite thing' to do was to go to the bank. He could have just used the machine outside, but instead, he enjoyed going inside to 'visit'...

#10-I love to make lists about everything! My favorite thing to do is to make a grocery list and then leave it at home! I tend to do this a lot. Usually its followed up with Chris going back to the store for me...oops! :O)

#13-You mentioned messages, I call them 'signs' in life. My favorite movie as corny as it is, Serendipity...SIGNS. Or even cornier, Fools Rush In...need I say more? However, I am a believer. Just look at how Chris and I got together! ;O)

#14-Whenever trying to end a list, always end in even numbers. Why? Something nice and even; however, if you are looking for an 'adventure' try to end the list with an odd number. Can you do and still feel like you have 'completed' the list???

***have a great wkend! We hope to see you in our little humble hut over the break! The kids and I will be here at least! Chris is the one who will be at work, while we are on holiday! Poor guy! :O)

Mr. Iverson said...

Thanks for the awesome comments ladies!!!!

Halsky said...

Speaking of dreams, I had a dream last night that was the type of dream where you are constantly transitioning to a new place, like every 30 seconds. Anyways everyplace I traveled to, regardless of the coolness, randomness, or weirdness the first thing I did(and it ussually ended taking up all the time) was take a pee. Finally I woke up, and took one of the longest pees in my life. Random. I dream in color, I dream in randomness, and mostly I dream in people. People important to me, someone I haven't thought about in a while, or someone I have been neglecting. this is an important 'message' i think dreams are supposed to convey. What do you think?

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