Sunday, February 3, 2008


Ok folks, I'm gonna be brief, and honest. I've been having a rough time out here lately, kind of tired, kind of sore, kind of getting a little case of the Nunivak stir crazies. Here's your weekly update.

Musical Artist of the Week: Sigur Ros from any of their albums including "Takk" "( )" or "Von" Lately I've got a case of the blues. This band has gotten me through a lot of hard times in my life. They are an Icelandic Band that basically decided words meant to much to songs. So they made up a nonsensical language "Hopelandic" and the lyrics to their songs don't mean anything. Rather they use the voice like an instrument. The lead guitar player has a super high voice, there is a drummer, keyboards, base, 5 string high school girls string section and the lead singer plays his electctric guitar with a cello bow upright. When they first started playing clubs in NY they made people throw up. When I saw them they simply made me cry. Not out of sadness, not our of happiness, out of pure undescribable emotion. Check em out.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Supper" I know this is not only an old timer phrase, it still in wide use. But dinner is something you eat. Supper is something you have with others. Come on over for supper. Wash up now for supper. Don't eat that you'll ruin your supper. Get it?

Weather on Nunivak Island: Its been a cold weekend. The temp has dropped to about -10 at times, clear as a bell, no new snow, just good old fashion freeze you boogers into rock hard ice crystals in about 2 seconds weather.

Art Update: Drawing spurt has stopped. Had a pretty awesome poetry snap the other day, 4 poems in one night not bad, no new music. Been pretty busy with something that I would say is the opposite of art, fox trapping, skinning, fleshing, and stretching class. I'll talk about it more later. I haven't finished the Modge Podge box yet. Alisha, Modge Podge is like Elmer's Glue but better, it dries totally clear and shiney. You can make some really wicked collages or affix cool newspaper/magazine images to a number of otherwise very boring household items. You use a paintbrush to apply it and it kicks major arse for a old lady craft. Even better than knitting in my opinion, although I can knit a little and it is fun, but too hard. Anyone no matter the level artistic ability can Modge Podge a piece of crap to the side of a lamp or something. So get some and enjoy!

Web Link of the Week: thanks to a wonderful friend named "Positively Stephie" I have learned that the NorthWest String Summit at Hornings Hideout Oregon will be the weekend of July 18-20 this summer. Thank God. It won't interfere with the family vaco to Hawaii. I had to miss it this 2007 and that really erked my nuggets. Basically, NWSS is like one of the best festivals ever. Yonder Mountain String Band plays 6 sets ver 3 days. You get to camp among a beautiful forest and the stage over looks a pond/lake. The people are radical and there are late night picking sessions every night. I highly suggest checking it out if you are in the area this summer.

Book of the Week: Kesey's Jail Journal By Ken Kesey. This book is more of a collage of poems and art journal works from the leader of the Merry Pranksters, the Electric Koolaid Tests of the infamous counter culture era, and the writer of "One Flew Over the Kookoo's Nest" When Nunivak Island starts to feel like a jail, as life does sometimes, I can, or you can, turn to a visually stunning book like this and realize that I or you really is not as crazy as we could be. That being said, I'm not in real jail either, but I hope that someday people gather together all the crap I have made in my life and put it into a sweet book and publish it. All the good ones don't get recognized till they're dead anyways.

Thoughts: Superbowl just got over. I was rooting for the Giants because I thought it was impossible for them to win, then when they did I felt bad for the Patriots. Doesn't Eli Manning look like he's still in High School? He won the Cadillac SUV for the MVP now all he needs is his drivers license...hehehe. Tom Brady will be fine. He's dating a supermodel.

In other news I exhausted myself playing 3 full timed 15 minute halved 5 on 5 prison rules Eskimo basketball this weekend. I have been on a constant dosing of Ibuprofen since. I feel like on large pulled muscle.

The fox trapping course has been pretty rough on me. It is hard to see the little guys die like that. They look like beautiful little red dogs up close. I skinned my first one yesterday, I would show pictures but I'm afraid of the backlash. It wasn't fun for me. If enough readers would like to hear more about it just let me know.

Lastly, unless a massive influx of voting for the other topics takes place, I will be writing for the Neverending Story tomorrow evening. Please try to watch the movie or remember it if you could.

Have a great week everybody!


Anonymous said...

Sigor Ros is great for those of us who have to commute using a vanpool, carpool, bus etc. It is so relaxing! I think it is because you don't sing the words so there is nothing to try to memorize or remember.
I hope your week gets better everyday. Love, Mom

alisha said...

I requested The Never Ending Story from Netflix so that I can be as up to date as possible for your up and coming blog post. I dont know how you will blend station wagons and the movie...maybe they should be two separate posts. Thanks for being your usual rambunctious self this saturday during class. It makes it a bit easier to swallow knowing that we're all in it together. Know what I did during class? Taxes...I got taxes done for two people. At least the class was semi productive, even if it is in all the wrong ways. I'm so glad everyone will be coming in for the next class. It will be sooooo much better. I think the fox class sounds cool, but if it bothers you, then I dont want you to talk about it more than you have to. I hope you will find something to help lift your spirits soon. Take care. Keep smilin'. The sun is shining somewhere, even when it rains.

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