Saturday, April 5, 2008

Iversonius, Great White Wizard of the North

So after I got up at 1:15 pm like a sloth, I did a bunch of work on the computer then I went on a tundra walk. I couldn't help myself from plucking this gigantic icicle from a nearby roof and using it as a Wizard wand. Iversonius, Great White Wizard of the North was born. My next door neighbor took some photos of me casting my various spells on the island. One of them is called the "I wish it wasn't so freeeeeking cold here" spell. The other one was called the "Time go by faster so I can go back to Washington" spell.

Ok jokes aside, just off photo left was a large angry snow dragon, as you can see from these rare photographs I'm pretty much saving the world with my magic. I can't believe I got caught on film attempting this courageous feat. The WWF (World Wizard Federation) will not be pleased. But, they already don't like me because I'm just a rookie wizard, in reality they are scared of my powers. I have many powers ranging from instrumental spells. Word Spells. Beard spells. You know, spells. Most people think of Wizards as old and grey but we've come a long way from the olden days. Wizards are hip cats these days, performing many important jobs in communities world wide. Any other wizards out there?

Anyways, with all these powers I'm checking stuff off the list left and right. Hope y'all having a magical time this weekend and I'll see y'all for the weekly update tomorrow. Please try not to wet yourself as you laugh at my expense. Yes I really look this way, yes I resemble a wizard, yes its ok with me, no I'm not shaving my beard, and yes the spells are real. SO WATCH OUT !!!


ms. cugno to some said...

I like your sweater. And you do look like a wizard, aren't you proud?

positivelystephie said...

that is awesome! you knew a while ago how much i love that sweater!!! wait until you see the one i got in amsterdam! you are awesome!!

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