Sunday, February 10, 2008


Its that time again, can you believe it? February is cookin' by my friends.

Musical Artist of the Week: Belle and Sebastian from any of their ablums: "Dear Catastrophe Waitress" "If You're Feeling Sinister" "The Boy With the Arab Strap" or "TigerMilk" I used to listen to this band on the floor with my friends in high school. We would all lay their with our heads together staring up at a mirror ball that slowly turned around the room. Pink and Baby blue lights flickering on the walls, contemplating the lyrics and trying to retro fit them to our lives. Belle and Sebastian sound happy upon first hitting the pallet, but slowly leave a remorseful dark aftertaste that is satisfying as well as interesting. I think they are a great band for fall drives and cold spring mornings with the NW sun gleaming through the branches of a conifer forest. Enjoy.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Every Tom, Dick and Harry" This phrase seems wrong and dirty right off the bat but its not. You say this when you are referring to a situation in which a whole bunch of people find out about something they're not supposed to. Example: "Don't go blabbering about our secret fishing spot to those cronies at work otherwise we'll have every Tom, Dick and Harry showing up there first thing Saturday morning cleaning the joint out!"

Weather on Nunivak Island: A big ol' high pressure front has settled in. Temps are down to -13 deg. F with a 22 mph wind making the windchill an especially nippy -22 deg. F. This temperature drop canceled my plans to head to the dunes to stare at the sea today. Temps in Anchorage have been down to -45.

Art Update: Nothing New to report this week. Fox trapping course has ended. Recorded a Reggae instrumental yesterday. I will be holding Student Art Society for the first time this year on Thursday with an intent to teach decoupage and listen to Hugh Mundell.

Web Link of the Week: This isn't just one web link its many. I have posted far down on the features bar to the right the links to all of my students blogs (upon their approval). Some people have started reading them and have found them rather entertaining. I'm pretty proud of the work some of them are doing considering many people said that these kids hate to write and never would. Now just look at them, they are writing for fun! Please, if you're gonna leave comments make them appropriate and constructive, thank you.

Book of the Week: Bob Dylan Chronicles Volume 1. Ok, imagine a rambling Bob Dylan song, with its midwestern folk grammar and blunt remembrances of life, then multiply that by 400 pages or so, and you got his chronicles. His language and style are just like his songs. The biography type chronicle skips around in time from Greenwich Village in the 50's to Louisiana in the 80's to all over. I haven't quite finished it, but I can't imagine the last 50 pages will suddenly start falling short. You get to see a real side of his "persona" that most people wouldn't know about. Like he didn't care about hippies all that much, and he listens to Ice T and NWA rappers and likes it. I recommend it if you are into a Mississippi River paced read.

New Features!!!!!!!!!!!!: I added three new blog features this week. 1.) I put up a poll to help me decide what to do with all this ridiculous hair that is overgrowing my head, make sure you vote. 2.) I added a "ClustrMap" to the side bar on the right (between the weather and thanks again Alisha) it will tell us where the readers of my blog are located on earth. 3.) I added a list of things I want to do before I die. It can be found way down on the feature bar by my art. Tell me what you think.

Thoughts: On Friday I will be flying to Anchorage for Special Education Conference. Pretty Pumped about that. Nervous about planning for it, last time I left the kids didn't do anything. I get to stay at a new friends apartment, a hotel, and see a big city. I think I'll have internet their so expect some weird posts next week.
I think I'm starting to get a cool format for this blog, with the daily writings, readers choice topics, and random thoughts interspersed, I'm becoming pretty pleased with myself on the progress of this blog.

SO I WANT TO TAKE THIS TIME TO THANK YOU! THE READERS! Your participation, enthusiasm, readership and interest have driven me to keep Radiate Warmth going and improving. Thanks again you guys and gals out there, I really appreciate it. Lets keep it going till every Tom, Dick and Harry, and every Tomasina, Darcie and Harrietta out there are reading along too okay?


Anonymous said...

I had a thought. Since your students are so good at telling you they are going to do their work while you are gone, why don't you put a student in charge each day to update their blog on the class happenings.
That way, they know you can read it and it might help keep them on track. Just a thought. Mom

hdt said...

I think there is some sort of crazy music connection between here and Alaska since for the last couple of weekly updates, I have been listening to the very same music you recommend. I'm not making this up! The week you talked about "Pet Sounds" I had just put it in my car. And even though I bought it off of Itunes a while ago, I've been listening to Tigermilk at night...Creepy,Kale, straight creepy.

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