Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rhythms of the Heart

I was thinking today, as I was talking about the muscles inside your heart in biology class, that music must have come from the heart beat. I then started to think about it further. I mean imagine an early human, squatting by some tools, building a fire. As they rhythmically pounded flint sparks onto moss, or used that bow and arrow fire stick thing on a piece of bark, or simply spun a special twig in their hands to catch some tinder on fire, it must have made a rhythm. It must have raised their heart beat. They must have been able to synchronize their actions with the rhythms of their own heart. Could this have been the first beat? I can also imagine a prehistoric human stretching a skin over some wood and accidentally hitting it with their hand. Oh how that first drum beat must have sounded! I wonder what the first drum looked like?
What did the first lyrics sound like? Were they deep guttural grunts and moans, were they high and sorrowful canine howls at the moon, were they screams of wailing sadness from the loss of a cave baby to a sabertooth tiger? Around the fire at night, the steady primitive beat of a skin drum, the chanting of a tribe, the dancing around barefoot in animal skins or nothing at all, the sound of the rhythm of their souls and the genetic code of creativity materializing underneath the stars. Music is in our DNA, its part of us.
Now we have complicated it with centuries of instruments, languages and fashions. But it wasn't always this way. There was a time when music must have stumbled out of humanity, visceral, like vomit. Uncontrollable waves of rolling incomprehensible thoughts that came out of their limbs and shattered the silence of the night. They must not have known why they needed to make these sounds, but the sounds kept coming, over and over, driving like the stampede of the buffalo.
Now everyone has music. We don't make it as much as we used to. We don't sing, we don't drum, we don't dance. If you heard these ancient rhythms would you feel them in your genes? If that steady heartbeat drum lub dupped and thump thumped nearby would you migrate toward it in a spell? Would you join in? Would you cry out? Would you dance, your arms flailing about, you legs kicking the dirt into a cloud? Its not on a radio, its pounding there in front of you.
We listen to music for unknown reasons. Bob Marley said that when it hits you, you feel no pain. Is it possible that when music is playing, you don't have to think, rather just feel, act and move? If everyone could see that part of the human condition is that we all need music, or as Michael Franti says "Everyone deserves Music, sweet music" then aren't we all the same?
When I speak of Radiating Warmth I don't just mean in your actions, I mean in your rhythms too, let the rhythms of your heart beat loudly into the area around you. Send out the sound of your soul, bum bump, bum bump, and let it be a beat of love.

Radiate Warmth and help the Massive Global Awakening through Glimpses of Light and the Rhythms of Your Heart.

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alisha said...


what an interesting thought and i love the way you write. The images brought forth from your writing are wonderful. As I read this, I got to thinking about other animals and primates and whether or not they feel the need to make music. My thoughts immediately went to my dog, Taboo, who knows how to squeak a toy and loves to do it, but he is only making noise....not music. I think further research into the first musical instruments and possible genetic links to the NEED to have music would be very interesting.

hope you're not getting blown over...the wind is crazy here!

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