Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekly Update

I have almost completely checked out out of the Mekoryuk Hotel In my brain...this is, in my opinion, a very dangerous attitude considering there are still 2 weeks left. Hopefully it won't bite me in the ass. The Primary reason is the massive influx of warm sunny Washington thoughts that dive bomb my psyche like pleasure mad magpies protecting their nest.

Musical Artist of the Week:
The Lyrics from the Chorus of the song The Great Filling Station Hold Up by Jimmy Buffet on the 1973 epic album "A White Sport Coat and A Pink Crustacean" has been a major contributor to my lack of focus here in the moment. It Goes as follows:

(Chorus Now)
And now I wish I was somewhere other than here
Down in some honky tonk, sippin' on a beer
Yes I wish I was somewhere other than here
Because that great fillin' station holdup
Cost me two good years

I would rewrite this:
And now I wish I was somewhere other than here
Down on some back porch, sippin' on a beer
Yes I wish I was somewhere other than here
Because that teaching in Bush Alaska
Cost me one good year.

My dad used to play this album all the time as a kid, I hadn't listened to it for maybe 10 years and I still remembered all the lyrics even now, can you believe it! I love Buffet but this will always be my favorite album.

Old School/Person Phrase of Week: "HUMDINGER!" Well long ago someone made this up and ever since people have been calling fastballs, puzzles and predicaments "A Real Humdinger." This one is just fun to say.

Weather On Nunivak Island: Well the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association weather station at the airport is reporting overcast skies with 33 deg. F temps and a calm 9 mph wind coming from the north. Things are melting, fog is still slinkin around and the puddles are creepin back up.

Weblinks of the Week: Hearing that Jimmy Buffet album got me thinking about my roots. So I googled the town where I was born and found these two websites. The Town of and both have amazing resources for visiting this 190 person town in north central Washington. Make sure to check out the outhouse races and the various links so you can see all the amazing things about this real place that I was actually born into. My parents rule.

Art Update: Minus a small watercolor the other day, I haven't been putting much artwork out. Actually, with the big migration back to Warshintun in a few weeks I've been taking down and packing up all the work I've done this year and it dawned on me that I've been really productive. That makes me happy. "Fragile Things" the poet collaboration song with Will Pearson has over 5000 listens on my IAC website.

ClustRmap Readership Report:
At Just Under 2500 hundred site hits since February 9th, we are on track to break 3000 here soon. It puts us at just about 30 readers a day on mathematical average.

Days Left till Washington:
18 Yes!

Big Ups: THIS WEEK's Big Ups goes to the love and support of Pam and Gary Stillwell my end of the year roomates teaching driver's ed and simulated welding. Not only are they amazingly open-minded, they are full of big hearts and easy temperament. If they ever read this thank you!

Last Thoughts: When you live in Alaska these are the type of notes your neighbors leave you:

Kale- We went fishing, Ralph, His Brother, His Mother, and me, we are going up Mekoryuk River- We'll be back by 6 pm. If we're not back by 8 pm send someone to find us!
Annie :)

Have a good work week, peace to you all.

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